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MT 44: I’m Telling The Truth But I’m Lying

Rod is joined by writer, ex-poet, mental health advocate and friend Bassey Ikpi to discuss her debut book “I’m Telling The Truth But I’m Lying” a collection of essays that combine into a beautiful memoir. We discuss her writing process, how mental health affects her life and how she’s navigating the feedback from the book thus far. The book is out 8/20 but you can pre-order it right now!

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Twitter: @rodimusprime @Basseyworld

Pre-Order “I’m Telling The Truth But I’m Lying.”

MT 43: Brandon Keith Brown


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Rod is joined by conductor and educator Brandon Keith Brown to discuss his path to being an orchestral conductor, educator and dealing with racial discrimination at Brown University.

Brandon’s Website

Article About Brandon’s At Brown University


MT 42: We Act For Environmental Justice

Rod is joined by the Director of Legislative Affairs for We Act For Environmental Justice to discuss climate change, the Green New Deal, how to get involved locally and how communities of color are impacted by environmental politics.


Kerene Tayloe

MT 41: Damon Young

Rod talk with author Damon Young about his new book “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Blacker.” We had a great discussion about blackness, James Harden, being broke, Nispey Hussle and learning to swim.

Damon’s Website

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Blacker

MT 40: Going Greek

Rod talks to Nasha and Katon about their experiences pledging Greek organizations during college. The mysteries behind pledging, hazing and murder are revealed. Okay there’s no murders but it’s still an interesting listen!

MT 39: Reclaiming Our Space

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Rod is joined by activist, feminist writer and social worker Feminista Jones to discuss her new book Reclaiming Our Space: How Black Feminists Are Changing The World From The Tweets To The Streets. We discuss the changing landscape of social media, the price of visibility, patriarchy within the black community, activist beef and more. It was a very engaging fun conversation that really turned into old friends catching up. Enjoy!

Feminista Jones’ Book

Feminista Jones Twitter

MT 38: The First Step Act

Rod is joined by Louis L Reed, National Organizer for #Cut50 to discuss the First Step Act. We talk about what is entailed in the act, working with Trump, the skepticism of the black community and where do we go from here?

Louis L Reed Twitter

#Cut50 Twitter

MT 37: Quan Mills

Rod is joined by adult urban contemporary fiction writer Quan Millz to discuss his path to becoming an author, his prolific works of black fiction, dealing with the criticism from his controversial books, marketing and more. It was a long discussion with a lot of tangents but hopefully this is the definitive Quan Millz interview. As always feel free to leave comments.

Quan’s Amazon Page

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MT 36: Pandora’s Awakening

Rod is joined by certified sex therapist Renee Burwell to discuss her path towards being a sex therapist, working for Bedroom Kandi, race in sexual health, infidelity, the taboo nature of conversations about sexual dysfunction and The Carters.

We had an entertaining conversation that was also very informative. I’m toying with the idea of having her back and maybe asking her some questions from the audience about sex and relationships. If that’s something you’d be interested in please leave a comment (anonymous if you want) in this thread or email me.

Pandora’s Awakening

MT 35: Savage Empire

Rod is joined by Tim Lewinson creator of the graphic novel “Savage Empire.” We talk his creative inspirations, how he got his start in gaming, how to run a crowd funding campaign, Black Panther, Gamer Gate and more. This was a very fun conversation and independent creators can find a lot of inspiration here.

Tim’s Twitter

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