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Because Rod hates small talk

MT 35: Savage Empire

Rod is joined by Tim Lewinson creator of the graphic novel “Savage Empire.” We talk his creative inspirations, how he got his start in gaming, how to run a crowd funding campaign, Black Panther, Gamer Gate and more. This was a very fun conversation and independent creators can find a lot of inspiration here.

Tim’s Twitter

MT 34: Healthy Roots

Rod talks with founder and CEO of Healthy Roots Yelitsa Jean-Charles about her experience in school, being a CEO, raising money, being black, street harassment and a ton more stuff. I had such a good time talking to Yelitsa. She’s an amazing person that I’m happy to introduce our audience to if they don’t already know her. Remember this interview because he star is still rising. She’s going places.

Healthy Roots

Yelitsa’s Twitter

MT 33: Tia Oso

Rod talks to activist Tia Oso about her start in activism, social media, public debates in blackness, protesting at Netroots, intersectionality in activism and visibility. This was a lovely conversation that went on so long but passed by so quick. Tia is smart, engaging, funny and insightful. Talking to her felt like I’d known her forever. Hope you enjoy this conversation.


MT 32: Constructive Criticism


After a DJ Eric Monroe trolled Karen on Twitter Rod decided to give him a late night call to discuss where exactly he got us fucked up. Enjoy.

MT 31: Love / Hate Relationship


What would happen if you got a chance to confront a troll? Rod talks to the troll who’s been calling and leaving messages every week.

MT 30: Briki Fa President


Rod talks with Briki Fa President about her amazing song “Fat Girls“, her skills on the mic, who are the bottom 5 rappers, her crew and what it is like being on the road. Briki is a hard woman to catch up with becaus she hustles so hard but this interview was dope. Make sure you stick around to the end to hear “Bars By Briki” which she posts on Instagram.

Briki’s Twitter

Briki’s Instagram


MT 29: Karnythia


Rod talks with Mikki Kendall (who you may know as @Karnythia on Twitter) about intersectionality in feminism, writing fiction and race in science fiction and fantasy works.


Mikki’s Website

Mikki’s Twitter



MT 28: Preschool Mastermind


Rod talks with Michelle Joni (MJ) and Candace (CanCan) about their new venture helping adults rediscover the lessons we all learned in Preschool. Preschool Mastermind is a one month adventure exploring preschool concepts like sharing and friendship, in order to apply and inject play, wonder, self-belief, and community into our grown-up lives. We discuss the lesson plans, soul crushing jobs and getting back to the things that make us happy.

Preschool Mastermind Website and Sign Up Page

Michelle’s Twitter Michelle’s Instagram

Candace’s Twitter Candace’s Instagram




MT 27: Lifetime Queen


Rod talks with Ms. Camay of the “Ms. Camay Show” about plus sized beauty pageants, community service, body image and dealing with the politics of competition. This was a really heart warming conversation as Ms. Camay was very open, warm and funny. I think you guys will dig it.

Ms. Camay’s Website

Ms. Camay Show Twitter

Family Ties Headshot

MT 26: Jemele Hill


Rod talks with co-host of Numbers Never Lie and His and Hers Podcast, sports journalist and international Twitter Bae, Jemele Hill about being on Sports Reporters, growing up in Detroit, navigating social media and exactly where do the black people on ESPN get their hair care in Bristol?

Jemele’s Twitter

BET Presents "BALLERS" - May 24, 2007

MT 25: GamerGate


Rod talks with a random fan of the show and Twitter person AlphaN9ne about #GamerGate a controversial internet movement based on misogyny disguised as the pursuit Game Journalist Ethics. You may hate this episode. And that is fine. The audio quality wasn’t the best, I couldn’t understand his accent and I may have checked out and started making jokes an hour or so into the call. So sue me! If that’s your thing though, have fun!


MT 24: Monica Is Liberal


Rod is joined by Monica to discuss her work in activism, the politics of immigration, dating and social media. This was a very fun conversation that flew by so fast. I hope you enjoy.

Monica’s Twitter


MT 23: Meteorologist Rhonda A. Lee


Rod talks to meteorologist Rhonda A. Lee about her love of weather, working in the news industry, her controversial firing over defending her hair and dealing with the audience after interrupting live TV for weather emergencies.

Rhonda’s Twitter

Rhonda’s Facebook Page




MT 22: Catching Up With Sara Jay


Rod talks with adult film star Sara Jay about team BJ World Cup, Belle Knox, celebrity sex tapes and dealing with social media. This was so much fun and even after 3 other times interviewing Sara she still had so much to say.


Check out the AVN and XBIZ nominated site —


MT 21: Gas And Guns


Rod is joined by Mr. Spann of the Spann Report Podcast to discuss turning off people’s utilities, coming up from being broke and gun control. This conversation was fun and inspiring. I hope you enjoy it.

Mr. Spann’s Website

Mr Spann’s Twitter


MT 20: Pia Glenn


Rod talks with actress, dancer, comedienne Pia Glenn about her sensational Youtube series “Black Weekend Update”, her work on Broadway, having your private life turned public and dealing with criticism. Pia was hilarious, poignant and insightful. I hope you enjoy this discussion as much as I did.

Pia’s Youtube Channel

Pia’s Twitter


MT 19: History In Action Toys


Rod talks with Historical African American toy maker Sterling Ashby about History In Action Toys, how to create toys, where to go to sell toys, why he decided to specialize in African American history and which current African Americans he’d consider worthy of a future toy. Sterling had a little bit of a cold so the audio quality may be a bit below our usual standards but the conversation was very informative and fun. Please enjoy.

Sterling’s Website

Sterling’s Twitter

History In Action Toys Facebook Page

MT 18: Smart Bitches, Trashy Books


Rod talks with Sarah Wendell of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books to discuss romance novels, monster porn novels, race in romance novels, social media, explicit sexual fantasies in fiction, meeting authors and so much more. This was a very fun discussion where I learned a lot about romance novels and the culture surrounding it. I think you’ll enjoy this episode as much as we did.

Sarah’s Twitter

Sarah’s Website




MT 17: Rad Femme Lawyer


Rod talks with Olivia aka Rad Femme Lawyer about being her online activism, her experience as an ally, her personal experiences with living in the closet and finding love. Enjoy the show.

Olivia’s Twitter

Olivia’s Website


MT 16: Scandal Mid-Season Review With Scott Hanselman


Rod talks with coder, blogger, teacher, podcaster and author Scott Hanselman about teaching, speaking at conferences, how he initially got interested in tech, dating a programmer and of course we talk about Scandal. This was a very fun conversation. Scott is full of information and humor. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Scott’s Twitter

Scott’s Website


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