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MT 46: That Rona

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Rod is joined by microbiologist and health policy specialist, Coqui Negra to discuss the growing Coronavirus pandemic. We discuss what a Coronavirus is and what makes this one so dangerous. We also get into what it means to “flatten the curve,” how the virus spreads, how Trump’s policies impact the effort to combat the virus, conspiracy theories, self distancing, the amazing powers of soap and why isn’t the virus killing evil people?

CDC Coronavirus Information


  1. Trey_Swindu744

    Thank you so much Rod and Coqui Negra for this amazing informative conversation you two had , I immediately had to send a link to my folks who definitely after one listen -loved the conversation as well ! Thanks so much!


  2. J-L

    This was an outstanding episode. Like give Coqui her own side show on #TBGWT network level outstanding (limited series during the Covid pandemic?).

  3. Anzidavis

    Rod once again you asked the questions I had, great interview!!!!

  4. MizzBarnes72

    Thank you so much Coqui and Rod for this important interview. I appreciate this so much!

  5. logan2x1

    This is such an important episode. Sharing it so more folks get the information. Because too many people are out here not reading about it. Thank you both!


  6. Anne

    Thanks for doing this interview. I learned more than I have from the news so far.

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