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2066: Working From Home

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Rod and Karen discuss Yellow Fever, Karen working from home, Rod’s new horrible coworker, LGBTQ news, Coronavirus Updates, Megan Thee Stallion GPA, Black Capitalists, mother stabs boyfriend, man kicks grandma in chest, stripper gets arrested and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Rod your new coworker sounds like a delight. Stop being a hater.

  2. EvieE

    Rod your new coworker sounds like a delight. Stop being a hater.

  3. Stephanie

    Whew chile its a ghetto mess out here!!
    Hey guys my Name is Stephanie and i love your show.. Im commenting on this covid19 situation. Im a Phlebotomist (the person who draws your blood, like when you go donate blood lol nobody ever knows what i do) not at the top of the totem pole of the medical field or anything but i work in a lab and this covid19 situation has been extremely stressful. People are not staying home,they are coming in for unnecessary blood work. And many people are still not washing their hands because the bathroom is right next to our processing room and I don’t hear the water running. Its an incredibly stressful for me. Although i am in nursing school I’m not a doctor or nurse its still stressful cause the company that i work for DOES not really seem to care about our well being. Patients ARE NOT listening, NOT paying attention and NOT following directions . I’ve had to take a mental day just this Thursday because of the situntion. I don’t feel tired physically but I do feel emotionally drained. we have a covid 19 testing facility less than a mile from where I work, we specifically put on the door a laminated sign that says: if you have the virus DO NOT COME IN, if you suspectyou have the virus DO NOT COME IN ,if you have symptoms DO NOT COME IN, if you traveled outside the country DO NOT COME IN, if you have previously been tested DO NOT COME IN.. But what do they do? They ignore the signs and come in.. we even have the locations to official testing facilities on the door but they to get ignored. The last person I had yesterday he came in basically looking extremly ill and I said to him can I help you? He says im here for the covid19 test. I said sir did you not read the sign outside he says yes I read it. I said did you understand the sign? he says yes but I just thought I come anyway! I said sorry sir but you are at the wrong place.the place you’re looking for is up the road. He says yeah my gps told me i was at the wrong place but I thought I’d just come in. I said no please sir you have to leave. He leaves and obviously I have to disinfect every single thing that he touched. We’ve gotten at least 20 people who have done the same exact thing. Its infuriating.
    I have been using one part bleach for nine Parts water to disenfect. There’s no ventilation in here I’ve had a headache for the past two days because im trying to protect myself and the other dummies who come in here .I’m cleaning after every person and we’ve had a lot of people coming in for Unnecessary blood work. But we March on and do our jobs. I don’t want to be mean to anyone, I felt really bad about that man i had to turn away but there’s nothing I can do for him. This virus is not something that you can physically see. the people who have come don’t look like they’re sick maybe if they have pustules and things on their skin maybe they would take it more seriously. But a lot of people are not taking it seriously they’re still going out. I feel really bad about calling them dummies but I just don’t get it, stay home please!! Anyways thank you for letting me rant. I’ve been catching up on the episodes and I finally caught up. I went to Barnes and Nobles last month and stocked up on some books, i saw the writing o the wall! Animal Crossing is coming out tonight I think I’m going to be playing that over the weekend! Just to relax. it’s been a really really stressful and I’m not even a nurse or a doctor as I said and I can’t even imagine what doctors and nurses and people in the hospitals are going through right now. And of course the rollout was terrible we just now got places to test. we’ve known about this since January and it took this long! I can’t help but wonder if it was something more serious, not that the Covid 19 is not serious but what if it was something that was more infectious something that was more deadly what then?

    We’ve have to hide all our masks and hand sanitizers because people have been stealing them. we’ve had to put out four at a time instead of the whole box because we dont have a lot to go around..

    And don’t even let me get started on the outright xenophobia that these people have been voicing towards Asian people. it’s been truly disgusting. And there’s nobody to tell.. What a mess!!

    Thank you for reading,
    Air Fist bumps!

  4. Sean

    Just a note on the use of phone data to track the virus. This is similar to what has been effective in South Korea. In South Korea the phone data, credit card data, and some other data is used to create a post-hoc map of where people have been. Those that were in areas that the infected person were in can view the data (stripped of personal information) in order to know whether they should be tested. While I trust Israel less than South Korea, this system has proved effective at flattening the curve in South Korea and can be effective so long as strong safeguards are in place to prevent abuse.

    Also, as a head’s up / follow-up to your MT episode with Coqui Negra, a complicating factor to the formation of a vaccine is that it will need to affect both CoViD 19 S (the version of the Corona virus strain with higher mortality but which is less contagious) and CoViD 19 L (the primary version (although it appears to have come from the S version) that has a lower mortality but is more contagious). It is currently not known whether having one gives you immunity to the other.

    Thank you for your level-headed and professional discourse on this pandemic.

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