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2067: Negan Severs Ties

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Rod and Karen recap The Walking Dead.

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  1. EvieE

    Although this was Carol’s plan, Negan is the real MVP. He took one for the team by entering Alpha’s crusty coochie inside a doo doo ditch just to take her head. His sentence should be commuted to time served. That man has suffered enough.

  2. Turq

    Hi Guys,

    RIP to my dude Earl. He really grew on me. He was a surrogate father to so many. Both him and Tammi Rose went out like heroes. I almost forgot what he did to Maggie. Forgiveness is such an interesting thing on this show because you never know how it will pay off. If Maggie had executed Earl like she did Gregory, he wouldn’t have been around to save the babies later. If Negan is executed, what happens with Alpha? That gives me chills.

    Also, I’m going to need RoRo to put her hair in a bun. CoCo will become an orphan because her mama is going to get snatched up by that long ass ponytail.



  3. MizzBarnes72

    Angela Kang keeps stepping on our necks and giving us all kinds of SHOCK and AWE!!!

    I was not ready for any of this past Sunday….none of it!!! These things come in threes, starting with Mary, Earl – that scene hurt my feelings and finally Alpha. I feel that Angela was standing over Greg’s shoulder making sure that he stays on track with the story and giving us swerve after swerve.

    But I really have to shout out Samantha Morton! She has given us the creepiest villian that TWD has ever had! She was creepy, complex, sad, vicious and completed all of that without raising her voice. Samantha put her foot in that damn role and as a long time of the TWD, I really appreciated it.

  4. Dee Ramsey

    Five Stars. I hope next week’s recap I can actually stay in the chat to listen/respond. Angela Kang keeps things moving and I cannot wait for this Sunday! Judith Walsh Grimes had time last Sunday. I loved her final scene with Daryl. As Rod said, he does so much without saying anything.

  5. Amani

    The Hive is ready for your apology to EvieE!! Killing that nigga Henry freed Carol to get back to the boss she is! Getting the job done by any means necessary! Yes he deserved to die, and I hope he burns in hell!

    And shout out to Queen Karen the all-knowing. She called that shit!

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