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PG 231: Blackfighter

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Coronavirus at work, working from home, democratic primaries, Russian troll farms outsource to African nations, pregame news and listener feedback.



  1. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod, Karen & Justin:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for talking about not just the coronavirus experiences and Bernie’s less-than-ideal campaign – but also these Russian trolls fanning the flames of these people with [that acronym – I refuse to use it]. I have well-meaning, intelligent friends (most Black men, and a few Black women) who’ve fallen into that mess and…and….and!

    It’s so frustrating. I’ve blocked every iteration of [that acronym] on my Twitter, and blessed day i the morning, o how my social media life has improved! If only I could do that on FB too! ANYthing associated with Tariq Nasheed, professional trafficker of women (“pick up artist”, bah!) and producer of sexist, homophobic documentaries our barbers can’t get enough of – deserves to be removed as completely as possible from normal peoples’ lives. Hex, hex – get it away!

    Sorry for going off – as you can tell, it’s _really_ gotten my goat this past year. Great show, and thanks for continuing the show so that I can blast it from home as I sit here doing special effects work on my job’s TV ads because the product packaging have all been changed and I have to slide the new versions into moving video. My friend told me to just put Thanos in there – that’d be easier.

    Best regards,

    Brandon aka b. Touch

  2. fyahworks


    Hello rod Karen and Justin

    Man, I’m so happy, we got y’all weekly. I get a rush sending in my comments at the last minute lol! I saw the email this morning and got the typing. Any who, loved y’all recap of the walking dead on michonne! It was a great episode. Unfortunately on my Facebook, I saw a post from twd saying the finale will be delayed because they didn’t get to finish the episode so now after 15 we gonna have a wait on our hands!

    Also have you guys got a chance to check out self made? (Madame cj walkers story) On Netflix? With Tiffany haddish and octavia Spencer?? It was mad by king James camp (Spring Hill) and I plan to start this weekend.

    Stay safe and blessed y’all


    • fyahworks

      Ps Virgil is the dad from snowfall

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