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2065: Judicial Ether

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Rod and Karen discuss white slave mistresses entitlement, Coronavirus updates, Andrew Gillum entering rehab, AOC didn’t campaign hard for Bernie, judge resigns, perms and hair dye don’t mean breast cancer, HUD rolling back Obama desegregation rule, McDonald’s sued for driving out black employees, a first date bank robbery, former crack dealer owns bakery, Pizza hut employee fake robbery scheme and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    At first I took that Andrew Guillum escort news with a grain of salt because it came from Queen Coon Candace Owens but after his statement about going to rehab those rumors might be true. No way he’s doing all that for one innocent drunken night with a friend. If he’s gay I hope he gets to eventually live his truth. I hope he can bounce back from this because he’s been doing a lot of good work by fighting voter suppression and getting people out to vote:

  2. Ms. Smart

    I nominate Wipe Me Down and the COVID-19 News theme song.

  3. Dani

    As of right now my city is not under quarantine but we should be. I live in south florida and these people down here are dumb as hell. The mayor or Miami shit down the beaches but these people still went out there anyways. I just don’t understand how can’t follow simple instructions and take precautions like the CDC said to do.

    This past weekend one of my family members still had their wedding even after all major and minor evens were canceled or postponed. We tried to convince her and her fiancé to postpone it to a later date but they refused and said they had invested too much into it and that this was like any other virus like he flu. Mind you she’s also pregnant as well. SMFH

    My elderly mother was supposed to be the officiant but didn’t go because we couldn’t risk it. About 20 or so guests didn’t go either.

    I’m finding that people are just dumb, hardheaded, and or don’t care and its sad cause its not them who suffer its the vulnerable around them who do.

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