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This is where we talk shit before talking sports

PG 245: Covid Truthers

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss getting masks for parents, Covid truthers, the new style of journalism, Me Too is back, The Ringer exposes the podcasting industry, YELP Black Owned lies, NoName deletes twitter, being forgiving of yourself, Curb, Westworld, listener feedback and Pregame News.

PG 244: Officer Karen

Rod, Justin and much later Karen discuss doing yoga, giving away an old car, TV One reality shows, old talk shows, police officer cries over McDonald’s, Noname and J Cole get into it, black woman mayors, Insecure season finale, mask restrictions being denied and listener feedback.

PG 243: White Spades Players

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss Justin’s work issues, protestors not wearing masks with the homeless, Insecure, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Snowpiercer, Filthy Rich, On The Record, Breakfast Club vs. Desus and Mero, Listener feedback, white spades players and a petty wedding photo company.

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