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This is where we talk shit before talking sports

PG 155: Mike America Great Again

Rod and Justin discuss podcasting, YMCA basketball stories, Charlemagne, Angela Rye, Charlotte getting the RNC, LHHATL, Basketball Wives, Claws, Pose, Queen Sugar, The 100 and listener feedback.

PG 154: Him Vex Me!

Rod and Justin discuss In My Feelings Challenge, YMCA basketball stories, weddings, kids in public, Claws, Pose, RNC in Charlotte, Love and Hip Hop Reunion, Basketball Wives, Queen Sugar, feedback, Luke Cage and reality TV news.

PG 153: Stokes!

Rod and Justin discuss taking social media breaks, Chris Brown back in trouble, money vs justice, Queen Sugar, Pose, Luke Cage, Basketball Wives, Love and Hip Hop, Claws, listener feedback and Deb gets paid.

PG 152: Summer Camp

Rod and Justin discuss Justin mentoring a kid, kids in an alleyway, Summer Camp, baby sitting in the summer, the NBA Awards show, Pose, Basketball Wives, Claws, no more WestWorld jokes, listener feedback and reality show news.

PG 151: Militant Micah X

Rod and Justin IHOP stories, Melania’s coat, YMCA stuff, Claws, Pose, listener feedback and Queen Sugar.

PG 150: Send Stevie J Back To Jail

Rod and Justin discuss a conversation at the Y, the Kardashians on Family Feud, Queen Sugar,  Pose, Basketball Wives, LHHATL, reality show news and your feedback.

PG 149: Mama Dee Home Renovations

Rod and Justin discuss the Rachel Dolezal documentary,  The Last OG, Pose, Rod’s technology fucking up, WestWorld, Queen Sugar,  LHHATL and reality show news.

PG 148: Indoor / Outdoor Pussy

Rod and Justin discuss Kanye dropped a new album, Queen Sugar Is Back, Dirty Money documentary, LHHATL, Basketball Wives,  Pusha T vs Drake and going to the arcade back in the day.

PG 147: The Evil Inside

Rod and Justin discuss YMCA basketball, deodorant, planning the live show, The Terror, LHHATL, Basketball Wives and an evil deed Rod did as a kid.

PG 146: The Audacity Of Stank

Rod and Justin discuss YMCA basketball stories, hygiene at work, giving Lil Penny a ride, Acrimony, Versace, The Terror, Basketball Wives, LHHATL, Lawana Mayfield back, Teairra Marie suing 50 cent and listener feedback.

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