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This is where we talk shit before talking sports

PG 163: Ninja Reflexes

Rod and Justin discuss the coming hurricane, YMCA basketball, Iyanla, Insecure, Ironfist, Basketball Wives, LHHH and listener feedback.

PG 162: The Papa John’s Test

Rod and Justin discuss how do pimps retire, Carl the bigot, Childish Gambino latest controversy, the Papa John’s test, The Bobby Brown story, Fatal Attraction, LHHH, Basketball Wives, taking sides in a break up, Rod’s horrible time in high school, driving your first car, feedback and reality show news.

PG 161: Problematic People Are Right

Rod and Justin discuss customer service calls, Justin work drama, YMCA basketball, Lauryn Hill, John McCain, problematic people, LHHH, Basketball wives, Insecure, Pose, Queen Sugar, wife swapping show and listener feedback.

PG 160: Pay What You Owe

Rod and Justin discuss using the bathroom in public, YMCA basketball, people borrowing money and not paying you back, working in college, work friends, Snapped, Lauryn Hill and Bey a friends, Crazy Rich Asians, Basketball Wives and listener feedback.

PG 159: Don’t Worry About What Me And My Wife Do

Rod and Justin discuss insomnia, taking time off work, YMCA basketball, Rod Lewis, Doja Cat’s video, Teepublic, LHHH, Basketball Wives, Insecure, Awkwafina and Claws.

PG 158: Confederate Dollars

Rod and Justin discuss A/C privilege, Confederate dollars, men’s fragrances, the difference in quality spending a little more money can bring, YMCA basketball stories, Rod benefited from racism in a class, a white woman tries to throw Justin in a lie at work, Bria Myles, Snowfall, Basketball Wives, LHHH, Cat Agent, Queen Sugar and listener feedback.

PG 157: Kimberly vs K Michelle

Rod and Justin discuss Lost In Space, pick up basketball stories, strategies to get next at the court, LHHH, Basketball Wives, Queen Sugar, Snowfall, The 100 and listener feedback.

PG 156: Pewn Pewn Pewn

Rod and Justin are joined by Audrey to discuss Permit Patty, YMCA republicans, being washed, local politics, Basketball Wives, LHHH, Pose, Snowfall and Queen Sugar.

PG 155: Mike America Great Again

Rod and Justin discuss podcasting, YMCA basketball stories, Charlemagne, Angela Rye, Charlotte getting the RNC, LHHATL, Basketball Wives, Claws, Pose, Queen Sugar, The 100 and listener feedback.

PG 154: Him Vex Me!

Rod and Justin discuss In My Feelings Challenge, YMCA basketball stories, weddings, kids in public, Claws, Pose, RNC in Charlotte, Love and Hip Hop Reunion, Basketball Wives, Queen Sugar, feedback, Luke Cage and reality TV news.

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