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PG 232: Tiger King

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss the Tiger King documentary, Justin’s job during Coronavirus, Karen working for home, Rod conserving energy to do the podcast, J-L Cauvin has a video go viral, listener comments and PreGame news.

PG 231: Blackfighter

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Coronavirus at work, working from home, democratic primaries, Russian troll farms outsource to African nations, pregame news and listener feedback.


PG 230: The Black Manosphere

Rod, Justin and Karen talk about Bernie falling behind, Coronavirus fallout, Hunters, Curb, not eating out, Pregame News, listener feedback and The Black Manosphere.

PG 229: Don’t Even Checkers

Rod and Justin discuss Coronavirus epidemic, GTA, Super Tuesday, ankle brace, NC primary results, cooking, listener feedback and pregame news.

PG 228: How Long Is The Pole Open?

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss last year of the CIAA tournament, new voting machines, Caronavirus, Black Twitter Live event, favorite social media, Rod’s hurt ankle update, dem primaries, Whoopi on The Shop, listener feedback and pre-game news.

PG 227: You Do Not Get To Dictate How She Eats Her Food

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss friends coming into town, local election ballot, McMillions, Who Killed Malcolm X, Full Dissidence, Riot Baby, going stir crazy nursing an injury, cooking for pleasure, wanting your mate to eat food in a specific way, pregame news and feedback.

PG 226: We Need To Get A Job

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss putting together a stroller, Disney Plus, YMCA basketball, McMillions, The Pharmacist, the Library show, new couch, dealing with customer service, Sweetheart and listener feedback.

PG 225: I Ain’t Got It

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss scamming through the mail, when you don’t have it, high winds shut down school, being thrifty, The Real, therapy, library show, trying new things, Sugar Baby, Better Call Saul, Sweetheart, pregame news and listener feedback.

PG 224: Late Bitches

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Terry Crews, new neighbors with loud music, Karen’s new work schedule, Charlotte food fair, dinner with friends, YMCA basketball, Don’t Fuck With Cats, listener feedback and PreGame News.

PG 223: Grade A Hardwood

Rod and Justin discuss Tyler Perry, Michael Che beef, starting smoke on social media, Lena Waithe, marriage, Hillary talks bad about Bernie and the stans can’t take it, first time voting, local news and feedback.

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