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PG 194: Taking My Ball And Going Home

Rod and Justin discuss the changing landscape of political commentary, dem candidates, Rod’s busy work week, YMCA basketball, LHHATL, Game of Thrones, The Chi and listener feedback.

PG 193: Cover The Milkhole

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss Game of Thrones recaps, being positive in your work environment, women’s clothing vs men’s clothing, Reconstruction, black struggle movies, Ayesha Curry, listener feedback and pregame news.

PG 192: Spilling The Wax

Rod and Justin discuss a farting coworker, porn at work, being friends with women, pedicures, holding babies, YMCA basketball, dress code for parents, Uber Eats for kids at school, pregame news and listener feedback.

PG 191: Two Identical Outfits

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss some nasty dumplings, The Cheesecake Factory, Reconstruction, Island slavery, people spoiling Endgame, YMCA basketball, Bang Bang, listener feedback and reality show news.

PG 190: Vinez

Rod and Justin discuss Homecoming, movies, wearing cologne as a kid, clothes for school, church as kids, crack is too powerful, Robin Harris jokes, Charlotte’s new mayor dealing with police shooting, Reconstruction documentary, listener feedback and pregame news.

PG 189: Checkout Line Super Powers

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss a weird movie experience, sneaking stuff into the movies, peeing at the doctor, hotel wifi, returning stuff at the store, black women keeping their place in line, cash, porn comment sections, LHHATL, Hardees, listener feedback and Tommie Lee seeking therapy.

PG 188: White Cake

Rod and Justin discuss Justin Elizabeth Holmes, white scammers, Justin’s scheming co-worker, fast food, Bezos divorce, LHHATL, Andrew Woods and listener feedback.

PG 187: Edamame

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss YMCA basketball, CrimeTown season 2, Atlanta Child Murders, Pregame news, sushi and your feedback.

PG 186: Niggas Only

Rod and Justin discuss YMCA basketball stuff, seeing MKG in Target, CrimeTown season 2, Shattered White Boy Rick podcast, Shattered Black Friday, Desus and Mero changes, Iyanla, coaching kids in sports, Feedback, Ray J and a black sheriff is fed up.

PG 185: Guilt Bricks

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss buying new tires, being broke vs having a little money, YMCA basketball, Crime Town Season 2, Shattered White Boy Rick and listener feedback.

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