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This is where we talk shit before talking sports

PG 319: Black Draws Only

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss ducking Coronavirus, SCUTOS ruling against vaccine mandates, Insurrection, Curb, Southside, Judge Steve Harvey, Karen’s job goes remote again, Rod’s new job starting soon, Crime Scene: The Times Square Killer, listener feedback and pregame news.

PG 313: No Purses Allowed

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss being blessed, The Christmas tournament is back, people quitting Justin’s job, Justin orders his iPad, co-workers assuming you’re a coon, The Hornets game, Spotify Wrapped for Podcasters, Black Friday sale almost over, Rod accepts a new job, listener feedback and news.

PG 312: Dot Store

Rod, Karen and Justin discuss Justin being late, a sketchy shoe website, technical echo glitches in the chat, Elevation Church, Landmark, new Hornets seats, Black podcast stats, Karen’s job, Instagram Reels class,  Podcast resources, making it through the second round, podcast recommendations, listener feedback and news.

PG 311: No White Santas

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss people donating to Justin’s computer fund, Y The Last Man, City BBQ, Cheesecake Factory, Karen’s massage, outside seating when you’re fat, The Raincoat Killer, Christmas tree shopping, round 2 packet submission, Unwinding Anxiety and listener feedback.

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