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TNO 180: Tatooine Man

Rod, Karen and Sterling discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Take-Two buying Zynga, CW potential sale, Morbius delayed again, 14K Chinese gaming companies out of business, 5G may interfere with planes, goldfish trained to drive, Scott Pilgrim anime series, Wordle rip offs, Phil Spencer on Activision, Xbox Ones no longer being made, Sony making more PS4s, Real Steel TV series on Disney Plus, Logan Paul Pokemon cards were fake, Toonami new anime, Troy Baker NFTs, Riot games resignation bonuses, The Batman is PG-13, Steam Deck will release on time, Activision not meeting with striking employees, Sega NFTs, S. Korea has most popular Netflix content, Hawkeye in the top 3 for streaming, Netflix raising prices, The Santa Clause Disney Plus show, Dog the Bounty Hunter video game and Letitia Wright coming back to finish Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

TNO 179: Making It Rain From Space

Rod, Karen and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, video game blamed for school shooting, Penguin spinoff show, Playstation executive caught in sting, Tesla wilding, billionaire plans to hand out cash from space,  Cyberpunk settlement, Cowboy Bebop canceled, streamer banned for saying cracker, the Navy has a laser weapon, Splinter Cell remake, Mega Man adaptation at Netflix, Bungie’s HR head steps down, Twitch suspends Amazon Prime video channel, Ubisoft mass exodus, dino egg shows they’re like birds, John Wick delayed, game wants to add school shooting level, tasting the TV screen, Peter Dinklage on GoT fans, Spider-Man: No Way Home Oscar push, Playstation store sale and TikTok class action lawsuit.

TNO 178: Saw Whores

Rod, Karen, LaShonda and Joe discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Weta Digital sold to Unity, Gucci Xbox Series X, new charging cable invented for electric cars, Hugh Jackman reprising Wolverine, Halle Berry open to returning as Storm, Activision Blzzard scandal, Pokimane talks about obsessive fan, Apple self driving car, Epic buys Rock Band creators, Mass Effect TV show, UFO task force, Chris Evans is Buzz Lightyear, Xbox Series S was highest selling console on Black Friday, man shot selling PS5, Extraction 2, Joe Manganiello doesn’t think he’ll return as Deathstroke, Die Hard is a Christmas movie, steam deck will not feature it’s own platform exclusive games, Paper Mario coming to Nintendo Switch Online, Rockstar delayed physical editions of GTA trilogy,

TNO 177: Recast Shuri!

Rod, Karen, Sterling and Bacon discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Stallone leaving The Expendables, Nintendo closing offices, New Gods was cancelled because of the Snyder Cut, Chris Pratt voicing Garfield, backlash to bisexual Superman, Bezo investing in environment, Gal Gadot Evil Queen movie, Vin Diesel asks The Rock to come back, Ubisoft announces raises, another Tesla fire death, Letitia Wright may delay BP2 shooting, Eternals leads to interest in ASL, Fight Night returning, Steam Deck delayed, My Hero movie biggest ever, Herny Cavill wants in on Marvel, Jon Cryer as Lex, Winston Duke rumored to be next Black Panther, Predator Prey, Tiana movie and Disney Plus Day.

TNO 176: Fear Of A Black Hobbit

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Shanna discuss listener feedback, entertainment, controversy on the set of CW’s Batwoman,  DC FanDome, Y The Last Man cancelled, console shortage could last until 2022, most searched term on Bing, Letitia Wright accused of disrupting movie, Accessibility Game Database, PS5 game trials, Saga is back, Black hobbits, Sophia the android wants a baby, woman wakes up to space rock in her bed, robot police, Jon Kent is bisexual, Netflix Wal-Mart merchandise, Switch Online expansion, MCU movies being delayed, Mel Gibson will star in John Wick TV show, Jason Mamoa injured while filming Aquaman 2, Activision lawsuit, RE4 VR takes out inappropriate content, Haunted Chocolatier, Facebook changing company name, Sony patents “benching” players, Xbox expansion storage, Xbox Series X getting native 4K dashboard and Hayden Christensen reprising role as Anakin.

TNO 175: Scar Jo Secures The Bag

Rod, Karen and Bacon discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Wargaming community manager quits, Twitter paid subscription service, Amazon palm swiping tech, Anthony Mackie to star in Twisted Metal TV series, Marcia Lucas hating on Star Wars, The Rock was almost Johnny Bravo, Twitch reaches deal with National Music Publishers, Paramount Plus bundle, Chinese whistle blower site, Gumball movie, Fortnite banned from IOS, Quantum Leap reboot, EU rules USB-C chargers for all phones, The Boys spinoff confirmed, The Mandalorian in production, Boba Fett starts 12/29, WoW making changes, Xbox Series X scalping on Amazon, Bungie ditches arbitration policy, Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania mix up, Twitch boost feature, Switch 4k Kits rumor turned down, Xbox adding accessibility tags to store, Konami working on games, Spider-man 2 will be dark and Disney settles with Scar Jo.

TNO 174: Dual Wielding Sword Train

Rod, Karen, Sterling and DPalm discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Matrix Resurrections, ScarJo suing Disney, Dr. Disrespect says he’s suing Twitch, Activision Blizzard accused of shredding evidence, The Old Guard 2, Jungle Cruise getting sequel, PS5 smaller heatsink, Horizon Forbidden west PS5 upgrade, China limiting gamers to 3 hours a week, Merry Little Batman, Toshiba chips, Game Boy games coming to Nintendo Switch Online, Nickelodeon fighting game, Funimation Spanish subtitles and dubs, Mercedes-Benz psychic car, Hulu raising prices, TripWire CEO fucks around, PS5 pro rumor, Switch price cut, Apple fires employee for snitching, Google Stadia loses director of games, Pirates movies on Disney Plus now, Shan-Chi may not get China release, 24 in talks to return, Apple loses judgement on in-app purchases, Twitch viewership dropped and Twitch sues two users over hate raids.

TNO 173: Futuristic Sharecropping

Rod, Karen, Chris Lamberth and LJ discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Expendables 4, Olympus Has Fallen lawsuit, DaBaby canceled from Fortnite, Chronicle 2, Back 4 Blood racist zombies, AMC and WB strike deal, video for installing PS5 memory, SpongeBob, Naruto creature draws Naomi Osaka, Chloe Bennet exits Power Puff Girls, GTA remastered coming to Switch, Fortnight stream banned after rape arrest, Superman was supposed to be in The Suicide Squad, Twitch streamer has fire set at her house, Mackie will star in Captain America 4, gamers burn calories, Roblox struggling to moderate content, Riri will be introduced in Black Panther 2, Soulja Boy doesn’t own Atari, Toys R Us is back, Pokimane feeling burnt out, Batfleck, Halo Infinite, Tesla robots coming soon, Oscar Isaac cast as Snake in Metal Gear movie, Tom Cruise tried to pilot a jet, Epic offered Sony 200 mil, Armor Wars and Black Canary movie news.

TNO 172: PS5 Mechanics

Rod, Karen and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, ScarJo suing Disney, the Steam Deck console, Playdate portable console,  Activision Blizzard scandal, Ubisoft scandal resurfaces, TikTok will remove videos from nudity, Netflix gaming, HBO Max developing more GoTs content, Nintendo says no further plans for Switch, John Wick spin-off, The Rock not returning to Fast and Furious, Michaela Coel cast in Black Panther 2, Usagi Netflix show, Kevin Smith claps back at angry nerds, PS5 storage solution, Ruby Rose hospitalized, Arthur cancelled, 6 Underground not getting sequel, Amber Heard returning in Aquaman sequel, Nintendo pulled out of Olympics, Peacock and Paramount+ merger on hold, Sweet Tooth getting season 2, Capcom set records, consoles selling faster than ever, Die Hard prequel dead, people make the same choices in Mass Effect, Dragon Age Netflix show, Winston Duke working on Batman podcast, Ant-Man 3 starts filming and EVE Online drama.

TNO 171: Intergalactic Onlyfans

Rod, Karen, LaShonda and Shanna discuss listener feedback, entertainment, animators being underpaid, Black Widow making lots of money, Dead Space re-imagining, Overwatch Cross-Play, Dan Harmon getting new show, Pokemon leakers must pay, Fast sequel ideas, Jonny Quest movie, Polly Pocket movie, Sniper Ghost Warrior marketing stunt, game worth 10k donated to Goodwill, The Flash has main cast returning, Tida Swinton speaks about white washing controversy, Xbox giftcard thief caught, Lovecraft Country canceled, Black Adam finishing filming allegedly, RDJ unfollows Marvel stars on IG, Control sequel, Nintendo Switch getting bigger screen, seal copy of Legend of Zelda worth a million, PS4s and Xbox Ones hard to get, Universal and Dreamworks movies will come to Peacock, Twitch not protecting marginalized streamers and WWE fans harass Kenice Mobley.

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