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TNO 115: Roblox Porn?!

Rod, Kriss and Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, James Gunn won’t be rehired, DC switches strategy, Blockbuster closing, MST3K crowd funding effort, Tyrese vs The Rock, black Buffy, Enter The Dragon remake, Venom, Altered Carbon season 2, Supergirl cast first trans superhero, Shiro is gay, Chris Hardwick is back, Fortnite makes 2 mil a day, Godzilla 2 changing monsters names, The Simpsons won’t recast Apu, Kat Graham playing April O’Neal, Fear The Walking Dead renewed, Patrick Stewart reprising his role as Picard, Ben Affleck still in The Batman, Roblox porn, Black Panther crosses 700 mil domestic, Netflix open to more spin-offs for Marvel shows, Claire won’t be in Iron Fist season 2, Zack Snyder wanted female Robin, Christopher Robin won’t be released in China, Quantic Dream loses legal battle, Flash movie, China has a laser gun, water on Mars, parents are paying for Fortnite coaching for their kids, Google hit with 5 billion dollar fine, Apple blocks passcode cracking tools used by cops, people can’t find the stars they bought and WhatsApp is leading to lynchings in India.

TNO 114: James Gone

Rod, Aaron and Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Elon Musk, James Gunn, Danai Gurira for Star Trek, Alexandra Shipp being simple, Frances McDormand turns down Joker role, JB Smoove cast in Spider-Man, Pokemon blackface, Billy Dee coming back to Star Wars, Zombieland 2, Aisha Tyler hosting SDCC Hall H, Dragon Prince, Robocop Returns, The Nevers, Asura flopped, Indiana Jones 5 filming in 2021, Mission Impossible Fallout, Rugrats returning, Batwoman, She-Ra coming to Netflix, Iron Fist season 2 choreography, Tim Kring needed a bodyguard, Z-Nation spin off coming to Netflix, Godzilla movie looking to cast Denai and Luke Cage won’t dab again.

TNO 113: Hashtag Mesa Too

Rod, Aaron and Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Idris to be the bad guy in Hobbs movie, Omega Labyrinth Z cancelled, Deadpool 2, Alamo Drafthouse getting movie pass service, Jared Leto to star in Morbius, Disney can buy Fox, Facebook groups may start charging, Facebook combating TV spoilers, Patrick Stewart may return to Star Trek, Indiana Jones 5 delayed, Final Fantasy 7 remake, Star Wars game, Netflix getting kung fu series, Chris Hardwick’s exes defend him, Yvette Nicole Brown moderating Walking Dead panel, Shenmue 3 storage requirement, Baby Driver sequel, Jar Jar Binks actor, games will be digital by 2022, Child’s Play remake, Jurassic World reaches a billion, Star Wars Resistance, Infinity War Thanos cut, Sopranos prequel, Walking Dead season 9 going to DC, Fear The Walking Dead lawsuit, Halo live action TV show, live action Gundam movie, LA’s finest picked up, Deepfakes could make revenge porn worse, Batman Animated Series, Stan Lee and Guild Wars 2.

TNO 112: No One Misses The Fox Films

Rod, Kriss, Karen and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, an anti-Star Wars group, Jedi Fallen Order game announced, George Lucas says his sequels would’ve been hated, Fox exec says too many super hero movies are out, Geoff Johns, John Lasseter will step down, Rumen Petkov passes, MTV reviving some shows, Millie Bobby Brown leaves Twitter, Xbox E3, Alexandra Shipp wants Storm film, Captain Marvel breaks another barrier for women, Movie Pass vs AMC, Chloe Grace Moretz won’t be in Kick-Ass 3, GameStop looking for buyer, no VR for Xbox, Rick and Morty, Jumanji 2, Star Trek getting more shows, The Terror is renewed,  this week in Stan Lee, Raising Dion, EA tired of backlash for Battlefield 5. Gargoyles reboot, Aquaman, Silk getting a movie, TMNT reboot, warrantless location searches, Hardwick accused of abuse and Pokemon Go fight.

TNO 111: Nerdgas

Rod, Karen and Kriss discuss your feedback, entertainment, toxic Star Wars nerds, Jamie Foxx will be Spawn, Arrow season 7 writers room is mostly women, MoviePass movies, Keiynan Lonsdale leaves Arrowverse, Walking Dead losing stars, JJ Abrams getting into video games, Kick Ass and Hit Girl reboot, Dave Bautista wants to be Marcus Phoenix, Legion getting a season 3, Jared Leto Joker movie, The Crow reboot update, Guardians 3 filming in January, Ava asked to direct New Gods, Deadpool 2 passes Logan, Xbox using volunteers for support staff, Stan Lee threatened by gunmen, Defenders season 2, Infinity War super fan gets invite to premiere of Avengers 4, Game of Thrones prequel, GTAV n-words, Tesla fatal crash, Castlevania season 3, Facebook hiring news credibility specialists, US Army exoskeletons, Kingsman spin-offs and Agent Carter.

TNO 110: Calrisian – A Colt 45 Story

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Kriss discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Elon Musk building underground tunnel in LA, Ms. Marvel coming to MCU, Agents of Shield renewed, new 24 series coming, Clayne Crawford replaced, Nolan, Birds of Prey filming in 2019, Gambit hopes to film this summer, Gotham, Bad Boys TV show not happening, Monster Hunter movie, Lost in Space renewed, Zack Snyder, Margot Kidder dies, Black Panther in Infinity War, Stan Lee file suit, CW universe discussion, Star Wars game, Lando was pansexual, PS5 release in 3 years, Best Buy ending Gamers’ Club, Net Neutrality, Deadpool marketing, MoviePass, Jane Foster could return, TJ Miller, Affleck still wants to be Batman, Watchmen TV show, Last Jedi heading to Netflix, Boba Fett movie, John Lasseter could return, Netflix passes Disney in value, Echo recorded family, Transformers 7 off the calendar, Call of Duty swatting update and snail memory transplant.

TNO 109: Unpaid Interns

Rod. Kriss and Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, MoviePass, Infinity War, Iron Man suit stolen, RDJ made 10 mill for Homecoming, TJ Miller won’t be in X-Force, iPhone battery replacement, Sherlock Holmes 3, VW digital access issue, Patty Jenkins secures the bag, Bill and Ted 3, Bad Boys gets January release date, Obi-Wan spin off movie, Expanse canceled, Ryan Coogler would direct female Black Panther spin off, Rick and Morty renewed for 70 episodes, Gambit movie still alive, Hitman’s Bodyguard sequel, Nintento Switch Online, Colin Trevorrow’s script, Marvel donates over a million, Space X launches satellite, Snake Eyes movie, GameStop CEO quits, flu pandemic, PewDiePie mad, Starship Corporation and Snyder Cut controversy.

TNO 108: The Nerd Off Con Orgy 2018

Rod, Kriss, Karen and Aaron discuss listener feedback, Universal Fan Con controversy, entertainment, Infinity War, Victoria Mahoney, The American Way, Gotham season 5, shape shifting metal, Onimusha, Atari VCS, Incredibles 2, Gremlins reboot, XxX 4, Blackhawk movie, Comcast almost bought Fox, James Cameron being a dick again, Dark Phoenix, Jumanji 3, Whedon jealous of Infinity War, new delivery options, Q Quiet Place getting sequel, Lauren Cohan returning, Lethal Weapon controversy, Cloverfield sequel, Star Trek films, GoT book not coming in 2018, Hellboy Kickstarter raises a milli, Star Wars Resistance, Doom movie, Black Widow film, Rick and Morty season 4, Stan Lee scandal, Discord teams with Xbox, Star Citizen and Rod announces a new event.

TNO 107: Sprinkle Some Kevin Hart On It

Rod, Aaron, Kriss and Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Tesla crash, Arrow crossover with Black Lightning, Joker movie April Fool’s joke, Boyega talked to Marvel, Spielberg open to female Indiana Jones, Fast and Furious spin off news, Channing Tatum divorced, Terminator 6 pushed back, Spider-man 2, hackers hacking 911, Doctor Doom film idea, Last Star Fighter, Toy Story 4 coming in 2019, WB cuts ties with Ratner, Stan Lee, Batgirl movie gets new writer, face recognition catches Chinese man, Walking Dead season 9 will be like new, Jumanji 3 happening, live action Mulan casting news, Anna Diop responds to Starfire backlash, Billy Mitchell caught cheating, Atomic Blonde sequel in the works, New Mutants, RE 7 has low sales, GTA 5 sets record, Bourne prequel series, LA’s finest, Jessica Jones and a humorous movie text exchange.

TNO 106: Coon Penance Stare

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Kriss discuss listener feedback, entertainment, New Mutants pushed back again as well as Dark Phoenix, Rick and Morty season 4 hasn’t been ordered, Uber self driving car kills pedestrian, The Batman filming in 2019, Constantine joining Legends as a regular, No Man’s Sky coming to Xbox, Duke Nukem movie, Gambit movie sets filming date, facial recognition technology could ticket jay walkers, DeWanda Wise wants to play Storm, Sharknado 6 will be finale, Inhumans ending in Marvel comics, Deadpool 2 box office tracking, The Last Jedi was the most profitable movie of 2017, Ren And Stimpy creator scandal, Men in Black spin-off cast Tessa Thompson, Venom recruits Black Panther composer, Matt Damon passed on Homecoming role, Carmen Sandiego coming to Netflix, X-men in the MCU, Donald Glover gets petty about Deadpool animated series, Arnold Schwartzenegger get heart surgery and Gotham update.

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