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TNO 135: Send Kyrie and B.O.B. To The Space Station

Rod, Karen, Kriss and Aaron discuss listener feedback. entertainment, video game tariff, live action Akira, New Gods has a writer, Kung Fury 2, Kristen Stewart Catwoman, CW not renewing with Netflix, Disenchantment, HBO losing subscribers after Thrones finale, Endgame creeping up on Avatar, Borderlands 3, Princess Shuri getting animated series, Sonic movie delayed 3 months, Booster Gold movie, Stan Lee’s manager arrested for elder abuse, Anthem’s twitter stopped for a couple months, Sony buying studios, Bravest Knight, no Arya spin-off, Kevin Hart joins Fast And Furious, Gaming Addiction, Magic The Gathering animated series, Modern Warfare supports full crossplay, Harley Quinn animated TV show, Swamp Thing cancelled after one season, Google Stadia, Alient Covenant sequel, Xbox body wash, PC getting XBox Game Pass, Fox planned X-men crossover, Solo, The Batman rumored plot, Jessica Jones season 3, Uncharted movie released date, Star Wars movies, NASA will allow tourist, Ghostbusters 3 and Twitch streamers can make 50k an hour.

TNO 134: The Calculators And The Compasses

Rod, Karen, Aaron, Kriss and Bacon discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Robert Pattinson is Batman, Rick and Morty coming back, MS and Sony partnering on streaming, AMC wants more Walking Dead, Chadwick to play a Black Samurai, Nintendo Switch outsold PS4 in Japan, Legend of Zelda live action show on Netflix, Avatar 2 pushed back, Randy Pritchford drama, Michelle Rodriguez in for Furious 9, Chris Rock rebooting Saw, Crisis on Infinite Earths will be a 5 hour crossover, Disney shelves Gambit, The Tick is cancelled, Game of Thrones fans launch petition, James Gunn shares his perspective on firing and rehiring, Aladdin reviews are positive, tariffs will affect tech prices, Darkwing Duck, PS4 game gifting, Epic and MS make up, Senator introduces bill to ban loot boxes, Deathstroke animated TV show, Rescue Rangers live action, Dark Phoenix expected to tank and Grumpy Cat died.

TNO: Rod and Karen Aftercast with The Story Geeks

Jay Sherer from The Story Geeks podcast interviews Rod and Karen from The Black Guy Who Tips podcast about Game of Thrones!

TNO 133: Coon Crow Casting

Rod, Aaron, Kriss and Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Endgame, Ghost Rider TV series, Netflix stock drops after Disney Plus announcement, All Digital Xbox One, GameStop return policy, Star Wars spinoffs, New Mutants not coming out, The Witcher TV show coming late 2019, No racism on old Disney Plus movies, Glass reviews made M Night cry, Deadpool won’t be changed by Disney, Johnny Depp, Nathalie Emmanuel, The Russell’s launching film company, Jax MK11 ending accused of racism, Saints Row Movie, Russo’s not planning on another Avenger’s movie, another Fortnite lawsuit, Sonic The Hedgehog trailer, Masters of the Universe casting, Lord and Miller Sony TV series, Jason Statham, Guardians of the Galaxy 3,  Indiana Jones 5, Endgame Measles scare, Peter Mayhew dies, Legion 3 premiere date set, Riot Games walkout, Endgame box office, Anthem shake up, Borderlands 3 micro-transations controversy, Willow sequel TV series and roaches in consoles.

TNO 132: Dora Been Croft

Rod, Karen and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Rise Of Skywalker trailer, DIsney+, Felicity leaving Arrow, Chandler Riggs mad, Priyanka Chopra in talks with Marvel, a queer superhero coming to Marvel, Captain Marvel makes a billion, Pet Sematary spoiled by trailers, GameStop lost a lot of money, Idris not playing Deadshot, Transformers 6, MCU marathon at AMC, Walking Dead new series, Kate Bishop series, Space Jam 2, Kumite, Tomb Raider sequel, Netflix new super hero movie, Toy Story 4 getting spin-offs, Ubisoft apologizes for Division 2 slur, Rogue One prequel, Marvel Rising specials, Sony changing offensive usernames, Pokemon pedophiles, Logan Paul helping Alex Jones, PUBG banned from Nepal and algorithm accountability bill.

TNO 131: A Billion Guns

Rod, Kriss, Karen and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Zack Snyder, Borderlands 3 will have a billion guns, Valve removes tributes to mass killer, Pewdiepie, The Flash movie, JK Rowling on her character’s sexuality, Terminator Dark Fate, Apple Arcade, Supernatural ending, Jackie Earl Haley on superhero’s killing, Gambit movie, Sophie Turner on Bryan Singer, Angelina Jolie coming to Marvel, swatting sentencing, Overwatch League player quits, new Zelda, Chris Evans on Tom Brady, Gotham, man pleads guilty for hacking, Youtube cancels two live shows and Steven Universe wins GLAAD award.

TNO 130: James Gunn Reloaded

Rod, Karen, Kriss and Aaron discuss listener feedback, Shazam expecting low opening, Arrow ending, James Gunn rehired, New Mutant reshoots haven’t started, Rainbow Six Siege, Valve won’t publish a rape game, Sherlock Holmes delayed a year, Self-Driving cars are racist, Idris could be in Suicide Squad, Tyrese in talks to be in Morbius, Nicole Kidman on shortlist for Cruella, burger flipping robot, Blade reboot, Captain Marvel sequel, Adult Swim and Crunchyroll teaming up, Ninja made a million promoting a game, MoviePass losses, Morgan Freeman in Hitman’s Bodyguard sequel, Captain Marvel destroys predictions, no connection between video games and violence, Batman anniversary, Sony could be acquiring Take-Two, Spider-man Universe, Rotten Tomatoes verification, The Batman update, Netflix anime and The Flash changing show runners.

TNO 129: Return To Black Planet

Rod, Aaron, Kriss and Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Rotten Tomatoes changing rating system, Bumblebee is officially a reboot, Jessica Jones and Punisher canceled, Youtube had pedophiles on it, Chris Hemsworth will play Hulk Hogan, Jason Reitman clarifies his comments, Jared Gray sleep mask, Amazon wants to make 30 movies a year, Disney+ Star Wars spin-offs, Disney trying to buy all of Hulu, James Gunn, Aquaman 2, Rambo: Last Blood, Captain Marvel, 1970’s Shazam coming to DC Universe, Marvel gets first Oscar, 3rd Walking Dead show in development, Walking Dead video game canceled, Kingsman pushed back, Apps give info to Facebook, Bond 25 casting news, Grand Canyon radiation, dinosaur tail found in amber, Amazon grocery store, Vic Mignogna accused of sexual harassment, hacked sex robots, THQ messes up, Game Pass on Nintendo Switch, Facebook moderation taking a toll on employees and Facebook’s Patreon Killer.

TNO 128: Everything Is Orgasm

Rod, Karen and Kriss discuss listener feedback, Blizzard lay-offs, Aquaman Trench spin-off movie, Doom reboot, Xbox Live coming to Switch, Legion ending in season 3, Danai Gurira leaving Walking Dead, Into The Badlands ending, Titanfall 3 canceled, Rush Hour 4, Cosmos season 2 delayed, Simpsons renewed, Mad Max sequel, Taika not directing Guardians 3, Y The Last Man ordered to series, Red Sonja shelved, Bioware wants more Mass Effect, no multiplayer for Crackdown 3 yet, Confederate not delayed because of controversy, PewDiePie disses Demi Lovato, Dune, Transformers animated series coming to Netflix, It Chapter 2, Bendis writing X-man movie, Pirates of the Caribbean loses writers, Lego Movie porn, insects dying, Star Wars 9 finished filming and an online gaming company scammer.

TNO 127: DC Can’t Keep A Batman

Rod, Karen and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, DC losing Ben Affleck as Batman, M. Night talks directing a Marvel or DC movie, Ghostbusters news, Deadpool 3 will be different, EA’s Star Wars games, video games hit all time record, female Fast and Furious spinoff, Disney Plus, 40% of Disney’s upcoming movies directed by women, Jordan Peele says Us isn’t about race, Disney buying Fox, The Batman will have multiple villains, Kevin Smith called out by Bill Maher, Aquaman passes Dark Knight at box office, Zazie Beetz says Joker script was being rewritten during filming, Patty Jenkins says DC needs more solo movies, She-Ra returns in April, James Gunn, CW renews shows, Xbox glitch, Batman Beyond animated movie coming, Aquaman 2 in development, The Rock won’t be in Fast 9, Assassin’s Creed DLC getting fixed, Birds of Prey may re-write Harley Quinn’s origin, Chucky coming to Syfy, Hulu will show ads during pause screen, Zombieland 2 cast Rosario Dawson, Dune reboot, 24 Jump Street, Resident Evil on Netflix, Japanese robot hotel, Hot Wheels live action movie, Bill And Ted 3, Killmonger may return, Candyman reboot, Facebook Friendly Fraud, STD sensitive condoms, Robocop Returns, Ultraviolet shutting down, Fortnite being sued again and a smaller Switch?

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