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TNO 123: The Anti-Vaxxer Section

Rod is joined by Karen, Aaron and Kriss to discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Suicide Squad, Bryan Singer banned comics on set, Robin Hood bombs, Terry Rossio, JK Simmons, Netflix anime additions, Daredevil was canceled, Kingsman prequel, Nintendo Switch, Preacher getting 4th season, Candyman sequel, Shang-Chi, Angel Has Fallen, Blade Runner anime coming to Adult Swim, Batman game in the works, Hulu gets Funimation, Celebrity Deathmatch, bluetooth compass, 2 Milly suing Fortnite, Salim Akil abuse accusations, Venom movie gets extended run in China, XXX 4, double muscle pigs, Far Cry 5, Plastic Man movie, Refrigerator Monologues, American Gods season 2, Bethesda and male sex robots.

TNO 122: The Tom Cruise Run Shared Universe

Rod is joined by Karen, Aaron and Bacon to discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Oculus Rift 2, driverless car sex, Common not in John Wick 2, Destiny 2 micro-transactions, Agents Of Shield is popular, Funimation removing their shows from apps, Venom set records in China, Birds of Prey cinematographer arrested, Birds of Prey title confirmed, Armie Hammer apologizes for Stan Lee comments, Bill Maher doubles down, Hugh Jackman won’t return as Wolverine, Deadpool 2 Oscar push, Devil May Cry anime, Cliffy B won’t make another game, Bumblebee screening early, Fantastic Beasts 2 flops, Jon Cryer joining Supergirl as Lex Luthor, Alien Awakening has no script, Tom Cruise out as Jack Reacher, Hackers expose Furries, robot parking spots, Lion King trailer, Shadow of Vader canceled, Netflix experimenting with mobile only, Game of Thrones prequel, Double Dragon getting a Blu-ray release, Steven Universe returns in December, Sweet Tooth coming to Hulu, Microsoft acquires gaming studios and Star Citizen hits another landmark.

TNO 121: Gladiator 2

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Kriss discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Zazie Beetz, Luke Cage and Iron Fist canceled, Johnny Deep dropped from Pirates, Gladiator 2, Cathy Yan, Birds of Prey, Nutcracker And The 4 Realms gets bad reviews, The Simpsons getting rid of Apu, Penny Dreadful spinoff show, HItman’s Bodyguard sequel, Breaking Bad movie, AMC laying off 40 employees, Pacific Rim and Altered Carbon anime, Jessica Henwick, Death Breathe 2, Walking Dead signing stars to new contracts, Wonder Woman pushed back, Killer reveals body fox XBox One, PSN name changes, PS Classic, Rogue One prequel coming to Disney Streaming, Drake buy 100 Thieves, MCU took a month off, Game of Thrones season 8 was supposed to be 3 movies, Jonny Quest movie still in the works, Netflix and WB getting sued by satanic church, controversial Red Dead 2 clips, Eggsy not in next Kingsman, Disenchantment renewed, Paul Allen dies, First Man flops, Shadow of the Tom Raider review bombed, Blizzard still doesn’t have a black woman hero and flat earther tv show.

TNO 120: Lara Croft – A Problematic Fave

Rod, Karen and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, James Gunn going to DC, My Hero Academia movie made money, Last Jedi backlash was political trolling, space elevator, MoviePass uncanceling accounts, Erika Alexander going to Black Lightning, Janelle Monae joining cast of Lady and The Tramp, Buffy reboot, Margot is starring in the Barbie movie, Gareth Evans not doing Deathstroke any more, Titans renewed for season 2, ATT making a streaming service, Dark Phoenix reshoots, Rosie Perez cast in Birds Of Prey, Telltale lays off everyone else, Skybound will finish The Walking Dead, PSN name changes, Lil and Stitch getting live-action film, Universal Soldier reboot, Coogler back for Black Panther 2, Scarjo making more Marvel bread, Rambo 5, Kraven movie, She-Ra, Bryan Singer directing Red Sonja, Shazam, Joker extras locked in subway train, Jamie Lee Curtis gun controversy, Lady Gaga could play Ursula, Stan Lee, Brie Larson signs long term deal, Walking Dead hits ratings low, Amazon AI, John Carpenter on Big Trouble In Little China and John Henry movie.

TNO 119: Kathleen Kennedy Secures The Bag!

Rod, Karen, Kriss and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Apple deleting bought films, live action Airbender coming to Netflix, Lebron gets Coogler to direct Space Jam, Dark Phoenix pushed back, Kingsman 3 coming in 2019, Telltale closing, Star Trek shorts, Daredevil returns in October, Jordan Peele hosing The Twilight, MBJ to star in Tom Clancy films, Brie Larson, Spotify teaming up with Ancestry, David Ayer says Suicide Squad was cut, Bird of Prey, The Raid 3 not happening, Shazam bought by Apple, new Chinese train, Netflix and Amazon planning to double content, Sony allows cross play, Rebecca Ferguson may get MI spin off, the Bat-penis, Monster Hunter movie, The Girl In The Spider’s Web renaming, two people walk again with implanted device, Deadshot spin-off, Kathleen Kennedy re-ups, Marvel TV show in development with ABC, sexy handmaid’s tale outfit, horrible Venom CGI and Fortnite cited in divorces.

TNO 118: Ménage à Robot

Rod, Kriss, Aaron and Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Henry Cavill Superman rumor, Mike Coulter hates winning, Predator controversy, Mattel movie division, The Witcher on Netflix, Captain Planet movie will be dark, Gay MCU actor role, Assassin’s Creed 3 remastered, Spider-Man is Marvel’s fastest selling game, Scum has Nazi tats removed from game, Michael B Jordan has inclusion policy with WB, Hobbs and Shaw begins screening, sex robot movie, Animal Crossing, Luigi Mansion 3, Kelly Marie Tran may not return to social media, Diablo could be a Netflix series, Riot games toxic culture, Dr. Disrespect shot at and Eve Online.

TNO 117: Jedi’s Fight Back

Rod, Kriss and Karen discuss listener feedback, Iron heart, Kelly Marie Tran, Netflix making 30 more anime shows, Gotham season 5, Joss Whedon, Kiersey Clemons, Fantastic Beasts 2, Star Wars bar at Disneyland, Taika interviews with Marvel, Guardians updates, Mr. Robot season 4 will be last season, Xbox All Access, Venom rating unknown, Tom Hardy contracted for 3 more Venom movies, Wile E. Coyote movie, MoviePass subscribers want to leave, Twitter test suggestions to unfollow people, DC Universe offerings, Disney Play, Pokemon highest grossing media franchise, Michonne gaining prominence in season 9, AI robot gets cast in movie, 22 states want net neutrality, OneDrive will automatically transcribe your files, Michelle Yeoh and Awkwafina movie, Madden shooting and bullied kid doesn’t fight back because of the Jedi.

TNO 116: Dora The XXXplorer

Rod, Karen, Kriss and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Idris Bond rumors return, Zazie Beetz cast in Joker, Venom will be PG-13, Bethesda blocks used game sale, Wally West will be in Flash sesaon 5, Antoine Fuqua meets with Marvel, Chris Pine and Hemsworth future in doubt with Star Trek 4, Chris Hardwick returns, Agent of SHIELD, Batwoman casts Ruby Rose, Bird of Prey looking for biracial Black Canary, Sony movie news, Bobs Burgers movie, MoviePass news, Craig of the Creek renewed, Stan Lee gets restraining order, Dora the Explorer movie, Ninja won’t stream with women, Supergirl movie, Batman is an atheist, Peyton Reed wants Wasp to lead team, Germany lifts ban on Nazi’s in games, FBI warns against ATM heist, IGN editor fired for plagiarism, Riot games sexism and the Bermuda triangle.

TNO 115: Roblox Porn?!

Rod, Kriss and Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, James Gunn won’t be rehired, DC switches strategy, Blockbuster closing, MST3K crowd funding effort, Tyrese vs The Rock, black Buffy, Enter The Dragon remake, Venom, Altered Carbon season 2, Supergirl cast first trans superhero, Shiro is gay, Chris Hardwick is back, Fortnite makes 2 mil a day, Godzilla 2 changing monsters names, The Simpsons won’t recast Apu, Kat Graham playing April O’Neal, Fear The Walking Dead renewed, Patrick Stewart reprising his role as Picard, Ben Affleck still in The Batman, Roblox porn, Black Panther crosses 700 mil domestic, Netflix open to more spin-offs for Marvel shows, Claire won’t be in Iron Fist season 2, Zack Snyder wanted female Robin, Christopher Robin won’t be released in China, Quantic Dream loses legal battle, Flash movie, China has a laser gun, water on Mars, parents are paying for Fortnite coaching for their kids, Google hit with 5 billion dollar fine, Apple blocks passcode cracking tools used by cops, people can’t find the stars they bought and WhatsApp is leading to lynchings in India.

TNO 114: James Gone

Rod, Aaron and Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Elon Musk, James Gunn, Danai Gurira for Star Trek, Alexandra Shipp being simple, Frances McDormand turns down Joker role, JB Smoove cast in Spider-Man, Pokemon blackface, Billy Dee coming back to Star Wars, Zombieland 2, Aisha Tyler hosting SDCC Hall H, Dragon Prince, Robocop Returns, The Nevers, Asura flopped, Indiana Jones 5 filming in 2021, Mission Impossible Fallout, Rugrats returning, Batwoman, She-Ra coming to Netflix, Iron Fist season 2 choreography, Tim Kring needed a bodyguard, Z-Nation spin off coming to Netflix, Godzilla movie looking to cast Denai and Luke Cage won’t dab again.

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