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TNO 158: Next Gen-ish

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Sterling discuss listener feedback, entertainment, the next gen consoles, Sony botches roll out, Johnathan Majors cast as Kang, GameStop closing more stores, Mulan releasing for free in December, Ubisoft apologizes for Tom Clancy game imagery, Biden campaign in Animal Crossing, The Three Body Problem, pilot sees man with jet pack over LAX, huge black hole, Harley Quinn renewed for season 3, Silk tv show, Shenmue anime in the works, New Mutants director, Ray Fisher still being vague, Mandalorian returning in October, Venture bros canceled, Walking Dead will end after season 11, Robocop prequel, Twitch suspends some users, Wonder Woman pushed to December, Baatwoman, Phil Spencer, Tatiana Maslany cast as She-Hulk, AT&T wants ads on phones, Raised by Wolves renewed, Xbox Series X news, Hogwarts Legacy distances itself from JK, Matrix 4 is a sequel, The Batman resumes filming, Walker Texas Ranger reboot, Twitch removing ads, DC Universe rebranding, Tesla owner slept in speeding car while and AmazonBasics products having issues.

TNO 157: Darkseid Is A Que

Rod, Karen, Kriss and Aaron discuss listener feedback, DCFanDome, entertainment, Nia DaCosta directing Captain Marvel 2, Last Airbender Netflix shake up, New Mutants off to a bad start, new Xbox store, Triller takes top spot in App store, John Wick sequels, NASA reexamining names for cosmic objects, Squidbillies fire Early Cuyler voice actor, Rocksteady sexual harassment claims, Pokimane apology, Warrior Nun renewed, Powerpuff Girls live action series, John Ridley wants a POC Batman, Altered Carbon canceled, Kelly Marie Tran staring in animated Disney movie, Heat Ray for border patrol, Noelle Stevenson apologizes for joke, Tenet advanced ticket sales and Star Trek Discovery coming to CBS this fall.

TNO 156: Into The Badlands

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Justin discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Border War skin renamed, Elon Musk wants to put a chip in our brains, G4 revival, Peter Shinkoda on Daredevil filming,  Joe Rogan disses video games, Google smart tattoos, Twitter hack, Twitter spying tools, Spotify parties, Splinter Cell Netflix series, Halo Infinite multiplayer will be free to play, Halo Infinite graphics, League of Legends Neom deal nixed, Sims 4 sets record, Battletoads game, Batman: Death In The Family Blu-ray, Witcher prequel, Sonic 2 movie, Ubisoft not raising game prices, no more year long Xbox Live subs, June game charts, Cortana shutting down, HBO still streaming on Amazon, YouTube ending community captions and X-Men 2 stunt accident.

TNO 155: She Who Shall Not Be Named

Rod, Karen, Kriss and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Mixer is no more, new black Batwoman, Square Enix raises money for charity, Splash Mountain changing racist ride, Margot Robbie to star in Pirate of the Caribbean, Dr. Disrespect banned from Twitch, theaters trying to reopen, UK letting Hollywood actors come through, sexual abuse allegations rock gaming industry, Ray Fisher accuses Joss Whedon of being abusive on set, Far Cry 6, Sony buys stake in Fortnight, Capcom sells 80 percent digital games, horror movies pushed back, Gotham PD tv show, Jurassic World 3 shuts down production, Tron 3 in development, The Russo’s respond to Anthony Mackie, Furiosa spin off, Janelle Monae wants to be Storm, JK Rowling doubles down on transphobia,  Fast and Furious in space, US Army Twitch chat, Super Smash Bros, Activision reversing bans, OK gesture removed from Call of Duty, Warcraft improving character creation, Keaton playing older Bruce Wayne and an EVE Online heist.

TNO 154: The Punisher Doesn’t See Color

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Bacon discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Space X, Yellowstone volcano, Call of Duty BLM screen, Punisher BLM logos, Zoom security, Hartley Sawyer fired, Honda cyber attack, Amazon working with the cops, Samurai Jack video game, WB selling game studios, Jurassic World still filming, Everything Board Games, Billy Mitchell’s records reinstated, Solar Opposites renewed for season 3, Cyberpunk 2077 delayed, Last of Us 2 review bombed, Watchmen, AMC mask policy, Crash Bandicoot 4, Apple closing some stores again and Warren Ellis accusations.

TNO 153: Master P Transformers

Rod, Aaron, Karen and D Palm discuss listener feedback, entertainment, the return of Henry Cavill, Ruby Rose leaves Batwoman, Justice League Snyder cut will be on HBO Max, Microsoft blocking reply-all, Leslie A Pope passes, Avatar sequels get a billion dollar budget, Fortnite passes 1 billion in app store sales, Ubisoft suing over rip off, Nolan crashed a plane for real, IG advertising for live streamers, Shameik Moore apologizes, Borderlands movie casts Cate Blanchett, Agents of Shield spin-off shows might happen, Marvel canceling certain physical issues, Upgrade getting a sequel and scientist discover a mysterious liquid.

TNO 152: Bad Boys 4Ever

Rod, Karen, Kriss and Aaron discuss listener feedback, Entertainment, Nintendo Switch shortage explained, J. August Richards comes out, Gearbox bonuses explained, Games Done Quick raises 400K, Netflix picks up subscribers, Last Of US 2 leaks (we don’t spoil it), Nintendo confirms account hack, Travis Scott concert in Fortnite, Spider-Man 3 delayed, Alinity suspended over boob slip, AMC beefing with Universal, Transformers movie delayed, ADL says Steam is a breeding ground for extremists, Taika Waititi directing Star Wars movie, San Antonio movie theaters open, Tom Cruise going to space, PewDiePie signs with YouTube, Pokemon Sword and Shield cheaters being penalized, How Not To Summon A Demon Lord pulled from YouTube, Ninja breaks silence on Fortnite banning a 9 year old, IronHeart series coming to Disney Plus, Black Mirror taking a break, Jess Carson gets job on The Flash, Grant Gustin wants Flash yellow boots, GameStop sell, Last Of Us 2 dog killing, PS Plus sale, Animal Crossing will get updates, Fallen Order sequel coming, Marvel digital releases, Boba Fett coming to Mandalorian and Bad Boys 4 script in the works.

TNO 151: Pokemon Stay Your Ass In The House

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Jay from The Nerdpocalypse Podcast discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Pokemon Go, Twitch hits record, Epic Games news, Rockstar donating to COVID-19 relief, The Simpsons will be available on Disney Plus, Humble Bundle, HBO free streaming, Bob Iger, COD banning cheaters, DC Animated Universe coming to an end, DC donates to comic book retailers, another speed record falls, Disney Plus, The Purge alarm used by accident, Twitch nudity rules changes, My Spy coming to Amazon, Sword and Shield cheaters, ESRB will warn of in-game purchases, Sam Raimi directing Dr. Strange 2, Agents of Shield, new cheaper iPhones, Sinister Six movie was planned at Sony, Gamescon going digital, Comic-Con canceled, World of Warcraft COVID practice, Rockstar changes the culture, Netflix worth more than Disney, PS5 could be expensive, Trolls makes 50 mill streaming, Mandalorian documentary, #Creators4Comics, new GTA in the works and Selena Gomez suing gaming company.


TNO 150: Massa Karen And Her Slaves

Rod, Karen, Justin and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, lots of Coronavirus delay news, AMC may close, Onward, Bloodshot and others come to streaming early, Assassin’s Creed Unity becomes top selling game, new MCU potential movie dates, Community to stream on Hulu and Netflix, XBox Series X launching in November, Billy Nye says Disney owes him 9 million, steaming services slowing down in Europe to keep net from crashing, Evangeline Lilly won’t self isolate, Gamestop says it’s essential then closes, Rosario Dawson cast as Ahsoka Tano, Bleach anime returning, PS5 will be backwards compatible, Goldeneye 007 speed run record broken, Superman voted America’s fave, Soundcloud and Twitch paying streamers faster, Animal Crossing review bombed, Box office records zero revenue for first time ever, CBS All Access free for a month, Hellboy reboot failure, Patty Jenkins on why she left Thor 2, Nascar and F1 drivers hold eSports comps instead of races, Baby Yoda toys spike, Hobbs and Shaw 2, Castlevania season 4, Zoom hacking, new Disney+ avatars, Clark Gregg is cool, student remaking Minecraft, San Diego Comic-Con still on, Lethal Weapon 5, Last of Us part 2 delayed, Final Fantasy 7 available for preload, PS5 price could be 400 and Gearbox at it again.

TNO 149: Who M.A.S.K.ed For This?

Rod, Karen, Kriss and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Borderlands movie, Activision wants to sue Reddit users over leaks, body painting streamer banned from Twitch, Netflix Transformers trilogy, Kevin Feige had to fight for a woman-led super hero movie, XBox Series X, bad guys can’t use iPhones, M.A.S.K., Anthony Mackie, The Movies That Made Us gets renewed, She-Hulk, Snake Eyes movie wraps production, Upgrade sequel, Kung Fu reboot, Last of Us TV show, Kids In The Hall, Onward banned in middle east countries, Wonder Woman 1984, Coronavirus shut downs, Hawkeye still continuing, Dead Or Alive microtransactions, NFL 2k, Lost in Space renewed, Naughty Dog crunching for Last of Us 2, BioWare redesigning Anthem, Twitch signing gamers to exclusivity deals, AT&T suspends broadband data caps, Invisible Man profits, Google Stadia having issues running true 4K, Madison from Fear The Walking Dead, E3, Playstation Store sale and Doc and Marty reunited.

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