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March Randomness

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  1. Keith

    Yeah the man with the Yellow Hat never had any dates either. He just hung out with George



  3. Allison

    Thank you sir! I needed that. This b*tch called Monday was really starting to irritate me.

  4. Brown1126

    I STAY givin u da *slow clap* LOL!

  5. Jason Clinkscales

    You know, I never thought about #1. Truf.

  6. Mudslinger

    FYI these 10 points are hilarious.

  7. Mudslinger

    3. How would you feel if Stevie just balled ridiculous with fireworks displays everyweekend on his private island or built a private museum on his compound and just fill it with rare paintings? But honestly, I think I'd be sick if the ni&&a paid for a HD tv… Last straw ni&&a, last straw.

  8. Dajackyl

    Well Done Sir!

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