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170: The White Man’s Ice Is Colder

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  1. PhantEnrbm

    Who is Tim?

    Anyway you assaulted this individual in a biased manner. The mature thing for you to do is to render this man an apology. You should have at least given the man the capability in order to defend himself, then it would have been appropriate to ambush him as he tried to support and defend his ignorant views.

    • rodimusprime

      Chill Tim. I will never apologize. If anything I held back. The good news is that I forgave him with the sweet love of Jesus. Now leave me alone hurt nigga. Remember? I "lost" you as a fan right? Now get your race baiting ass off my site. Don't you have some other bigots to defend?

  2. PhantEnrbm

    A biased opinion is a biased opinion. If you're going to assault the guy, at least know all the facts or allow the man to defend himself. What you guys did was just simply and ethically wrong. It is completely wrong to "fight fire with fire" to individuals that are simply stating their points. It's one thing to call the guy ignorant of his history, but to blatantly insult & assault him? I bet if the tables were turned and your radio show was assaulted by a national media platform or some sort, you'd be crying foul.

    If you're so offended by "racist terminology" then one needs to call your maturity into question. After all, from what I watched in the video, the guy didn't even call every black person a racial slur. He was wrong as fuck for calling a HBCU education a "nigger education". Hell, I worked hard for my supposedly "nigger" education and that guy is ignorant for saying that. However, I'm not going to insult the guy, I'm not going to fight fire with more fire in order to prove his original point. Your actions only constituted his original point, and now that you, a fellow HBCU alumnus to put this man on the spot and assault him, have just given him more ammunition to launch against our beloved schools.

    You can call him out for making such terms, that's no problem. However, to make comments on this man's living situation that you know nothing about, and insulting him is just plain uncalled for. His original response had valid points that were bogged down in negativity and ignorance.

    Also for you to say that being an "Outspoken Atheist deserves an Outspoken Ass-whooping" is atrocious! That is a hate crime. I hope you are not a fellow Christian, because you would be misrepresenting our lord and savior by making such hateful statements.

    • rodimusprime

      No one assaulted his punk ass. I'm fine with everything that was said on the show. I thought we "lost you as a subscriber". Go ahead and leave. You won't be missed.

      And I know this is you Tim stop acting like it's not kid. Wow. You really do have some growing up to do. Petty sensitive little baby boy.

  3. PhantEnrbm

    I don't agree with that guys views on HBCUs, but how do we know that this isn't biased reporting? You guys sit here and deride & ridicule this individual for his views and statements, how does this make you look any better? One does not fix hate by adding more hatred, and one does not fight fire with fire. If anything, you guys made those of us who are alumnus of HBCUs look bad, and you prove this guy's points. How about you invite the man on his show in order to clarify? It's pretty obvious in that video that the guy was bitter and angry from his experience, perhaps that clouded his judgment. However, you guys calling this man names and commenting on his lifestyle makes you look even worse. You guys claimed that he seemed like an entitled kid. Have you ever wondered that he may have grown up around black people? Maybe he was independent or something. You can't consider one ideal variable and apply it to everyone, perhaps the man had to deal with some tough experiences in his life, and felt you were offending him by calling him & treating him as a mere child?

    You guys are as much as bullies as of those individuals that tried to break into his room. Shame on you, you lost a subscriber.

    • rodimusprime

      I don't care about losing you as a subscriber if this is the sort of poor attitude you bring to the table. As a comedic tool I fight fire with fire to make a point. If you can't understand it there are other podcast out there for you. I don't care what his motivation was. I'm going to call him out for his reaction. Somehow lost in all this is the point that people like you essentially want him to be able to offend everyone who attended an HBCU but don't want us to say anything back? If that makes me a bully then I'll be a bully.

      I don't care if he grew up around black people or not. That's no excuse to be a racist asshole. And you parade around here as if his original response wasn't "bullying" everyone who had nothing to do with his treatment at the school he chose to go to? Good riddance.

  4. Keneke

    i agree with some of the things you have to say, but i actually know this the kid who you're talking about with the whole HBCU thing. At a little over an hour you call this guy dumb and then say that this is accurate, how is this accurate? What makes you all high and mighty to determine if someones dumb or stupid? just because you don't agree with the things he might have to say doesn't mean you should criticize him for his opinions. I know for a fact that this guy is in fact a really smart kid and hes had a lot of issues with schools in the past because of people picking on a weaker person. If you are talking about making change and all that then why don't you start by getting rid of black vs white, him vs her.. ect. I'm not trying to pick a fight i just don't think people have the right to call out someone who they don't even know especially when you don't even know all the facts.

    • rodimusprime

      Everyone is dumb at 21 years old. It's not exclusive to him. And getting on the net and calling people niggers and jiggaboos is ok but me calling him dumb is too far? Come on now.

  5. ANON

    WIKI says In a civil case, dismissal without prejudice is a dismissal that allows for re-filing of the case in the future. The present action is dismissed but the possibility remains open that the plaintiff may file another suit on the same claim. The inverse phrase is dismissal with prejudice, in which the plaintiff is barred from filing another case on the same claim.

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