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228: Big Draws

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  1. Carla (@aahfro10)

    This was a GREAT episode. Good to hear from Sisters who love sports. I LIKE sports, won't say I LOVE sports (other than Track and Field) but it was good to hear their perspective. Rod and Karen as usual you all are the BOMB!!! That little boy being at home after leaving daycare situation would have been just that..a SITUATION!! BAAAABY, I would have tore those peoples heads UP and his little ass too after I made sure he was alright!! Children do all KINDS of shyt which is why I will continue to tell you ya'll to get some fish. My kids done ALL KINDS of shyt , so I KNOW firsthand. LOL!! Now off to see if I can make these Red Velvet Waffles…

  2. Nicole (@nicju)

    The title of this episode is hilarious. I was the mean nickname girl in school and my friends and I gave this dude I went to high school with the name "Big Drawls." It stuck and eventually everyone started calling him that. I ran into him several years after high school and he had "Drawls" tatted on his upper arm. LOL.
    I agree with Karen, if my baby walked home from the daycare I was paying for him to be at, I'd go up there and act a damn fool.

    • Carla (@aahfro10)

      Nic, you and me BOTH!! These daycares ain't hitting on NOTHING nowadays!! I would have made the news and not in a good way!!!

  3. miss krysable

    With regard to Mlk and the now granny-fied jump offs. Ever since high school I understood men with power cheated on their wives. I have personally made it known that if I were that type I would apply to Lewinsky Obama but I would know how to keep my mouth shut and keep the other chicks in line and be respectful to the first lady and daughters. If I were an Obama intern I would guarantee a chicken head under every desk Obama was behind. I would keep a great file on them chicks for cleanliness and confidentiality constantly reminding them to stay in their lane. And if I were an Obama intern if Fox News caught a whif of his fallatio fallandering I'd pull of a grand diversion cuz that's my prez he doing a decent job and he sexy. You know what I'm not working right now…maybe I can move to DC???

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