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261: Funk Dat!

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  1. Gaby

    Just saw your “Booty Pics and Jokes” link on the sidebar….is it wrong if 1) I think some of them outfits is kinda cute, and 2) it makes me gather up the courage to do the stripper-cize class at the gym?

  2. Gaby

    I actually think the actor in your avatar is off the hook and I loved him in “American Gangster” and “Tales from the Hood”. His name is Clarence something…..sigh…can’t remember. Wait….is there a unique club for biracial (or as my Rastafari friend calls me “High yellow”) gals who have weird fascinations with odd looking brothas like Clarence from above, or Laurence Fishburne? And sigh…..after listening to some old school dance hall, I was thinking maybe WE, AS A PEOPLE, have been too hard on Shabba Rank’s looks….I mean, aint bru man hecka tall? And really? He isn’t unattractive when he takes off the glasses and doesn’t have that sideways fade…..sorry, I am going through a 90s dancehall Patra, Mad Cobra, kind of groove right now. Much love on the podcast from your friend from the city by the bay!!!!

  3. Rekkapryde


    Why is it that everytime I goto check out a new black guy who tips podcast, Rod n Karen dun dropped another 5 episodes on a nygga….yall can’t give a nygga time to finish the current one and shit….man………

    FUNK DAT!!!



  4. Gaby

    Well, I haven’t been broken up with in public, but I’ve been dumped via text. Sigh………

  5. Rekkapryde

    Yo, good shit on that “Funk Dat” segment. I had the casette when I was younger. I loved that fuckin song. The little kid killed it in the video too! LMAO!

  6. Rekkapryde

    I’m like 35 episodes behind, but good shit yall.

  7. Dazzmond

    Does over the phone with someone you don’t know on the other end with her count as public??

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