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The Passion Of The Tebow

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  1. @mrteebeeess

    Excellent analysis Rodimus Prime. The media was awash in laudatory accolades for Teezus, even in defeat. Yesterday we found out that Mephistopholes Beelzebub Wilfork apparently pierced Teezus in his side and punctured the lung of our Lord and Savior. He could have asked his father to “take away this bitter cup” as he was in the middle of a 45-10 crucifiction, but no, Teezus said that he had to fulfill the prophecy.

    It looks like he may be cold in the grave, but the stone could be rolled away nest season. We can only hope!!

  2. Charles

    It’s funny how Michelle Bachman and Rick Perry used Tebow as a symbol for their campaigns cause they were all kind of unsubstantiated hype. Lots of flash and no substance. Now they are all chillin at the crib…

  3. Jwan Allen


    Excellent analysis of Tesus during his ups and downs as an nfl starter this past season. While I’m not a tebow fan per se, it has nothing to do with his faith, convictions or the hysteriacal adoration from the zealots (mr. bayless comes to mind) that worship at his feet. My hate for Mr. Tim comes soley from the gridiron, as a supporter of the black and gold, I was not happy to see the magic that surrounds his persona, once again takedown a clearly superior opponent. One of his greatest strengths this past season was taking down the doubters from the old guard of the nfl. He beat my steelers by doing the one thing no one thought he could do at this level and that was throw the deep ball effectively and accurately and for that sign of disrespect, the Steelers paid dearly. Once teams adjust, as was demonstrated by the Patriots on Saturday night, he’ll have to much tougher time going forward. I do not wish him well from here on out, I don’t do that for any competior, but look forward to getting another crack at the man in a high pressure situation. Love the podcast and I wish Karen a speedy recovery.

  4. Mudslinger

    Article is great! Can’t stop laughing… Niggra, you are destined for hell. SMH LMAO…

  5. Shana

    Oh and I forgot Daniel 9:26. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

  6. Shana

    Well, I never liked Tebow since his years at Uf, and that is mainly because I am die-hard Seminole. However, I hated the Tebow hype because 1) He is an eh quarterback, 2) He didn’t ask for this hype, and 3) Once his weaknesses are revealed and he starts to lose games, the general public is going to drop him like a bad habit and possibly crucify him. Our society has this sick need to build people up just to tear them down and watch them burn. Overall, I am glad the Tebow hype is over for this season. He has been a thorn in my side since 2006.

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