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263: Strange Sex

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  1. Miss Krysable

    Heeyyy Rod Heeyyy Boo Karen!
    That episode was EPIC! #1 I could just eat Johanna up (dearly not queerly ) matter fact that sparked me to listen to Johaaaanna by Kool & The Gang on Spotify. Simply adorable. And now *Gaby Sigh* lets get to Mr Donovan……….Let’s just say that I felt his void on Blacking it Up and I am sooo glad that that ninja has a comfortable platform on TWIB FM. I’m just mad that I didn’t think of it from before. I could see Nimbus being that dude where everyone is like “Yeah lets go skinny dipping in the hot tub.” & when the time comes this ninja will come out all dangling and happy but would be the only one and not care shaming even Will Farrell on “Old School”.

    Love y’all, love the show!

    Miss Krysable

  2. Timonious

    Yo what up Rod? What up Karen? I have just started listening to your podcast for a few weeks now. I found out about your podcast through a discussion board that I am a member of . Fuck it!! Aint no shame in my game the message board is BGOL. I wanted to comment about the whole monogamy issue. Now I know Im probably going to irritate you a lil bit Rod, but I can’t help it. I am a very analytical deep thinker. Im not as far gone as the 5 % but Im pretty close. If you look at the physiological aspect of human beings and not taking into account any variables of morale. You would have to come to the conclusion with a resounding no we are not designed for monagomy. Now I know you probably thinking of course this nigga thinks this coming from a grimy and thirsty ass board like BGOL. But to be quite honest, you and I have very similar perspectives when it comes to relationships. I don’t get down with a bunch of females. I dont believe it is ok to cheat in and out of marriage. I am also very protective of my space and who I let into my life.
    But despite our beliefs, the truth of the matter is human beings are created to be baby making machines. It has been proven through clinical research that men who are presented with opportunities to have sex with multiple women, sperm production increases in size proportionate to the size of the harem (i.e. people who’s lifestyles are but not limited to porn stars, mormon men with multiple wives, and celebrity males who get a ton of ass). Not only do men show poly amorous designs but women as well. Women who live with each other for a significant period of time menstrual cycles start synchronizing. The reason for this is to assure procreation. In the start of civilization there was a sort of free for all with homo sapiens when it came to sex. With long weeks of hunting away from home, men returning to their villages would have a only a short period of time before needing to return back to the wild to gather more food for their families. Each male had varying numbers of wives. To assure that the man didn’t pick the wrong wife to procreate with, all wives menstruated on the same cycle, which was usually during the time of his return.

    I have taken a few psychology sexual evolution courses while in college and I also study up on the topic on my spare time. I suggest you check out this book called “The myth of Monogamy” by David P. Barash and Judith Eve Lipton. It goes into greater detail about the information that I shared with you. And also check out the Kinsey Institute for the research of sex, gender, and reproduction.

    Now with that being said of course the needs of human beings have changed over the years. Because of the society that we have today and the advanced technology, there is no need to have multiple sex partners to produce children. And monogamy is more the norm today than polygamy. Being monogamous is not natural for human beings, but there are several things in our life that we do now that is not natural, such as dieting. Due to the abundance of food in our society we found ourselves needing to restrict the foods we eat, when this was not the case during the infancy stage of human life. Im not writing this to condemn monogamy or to promote polygamy. Personally the way I see things is you have to do what suits your life choice. If you choose to have several children with different women and are able to take care of those children. Have at it. If you feel that being with one woman is more in sync with your future expectations. Than thats road that you need to take. The benefit of living in this day in age is that we have certain freedoms that were not giving to our ancestors through modern medicine. I hope I didn’t irritate you to much Rod. You all stay blessed and children free LOL.

  3. Rex

    First, with regards to the GHB and Baby story. If the guy had it in a water bottle…I’m going to assume he’s “family”. Gay guys (especially gay white guys) use the “date rape” drug for recreational sex… (So maybe wasn’t trying to get all ‘baby rapey’) Add just the right amount to some water and it’s supposed to REALLY, REALLY intesify the sex. So I’ve heard… hadn’t tried it ——–yet. (it’s ok that you didn’t know this though… even the freakiest of hetero guys are naive when compared to the average gay)

    Second, in regards to the mental orgasm, Rod, maybe you don’t have to feel cheated. Someone I know had a boyfriend who could bust on command. Like, literally, on command. They NEVER had actual intercourse, as the boyfriend didn’t like to be touched, given head, or penetrate during sex. Just a lot of kissing and touching. But all it took was for him to hear that his partner was about to nut and BAM full orgasm, sperm included. Weirdest shit I ever heard. And it gets weirder. My buddy said that it bothered him so much…that he was curious if it really was an on command thing…so he had the boyfriend come in cold and told him he wanted him to bust and in a matter of seconds they boyfriend went from soft, to erect, to eruption – with no hands and no stimulation. I was equal parts curious to see this happen and frightened that it can happen

    And finally, the tantric sex. I think that is overrated. I’ve had an ex who, i don’t know what she did, but her sex was so good, that many times I would orgasm for 2-5 minutes continuously. And let me just say, there’s a reason that men only orgasm for a few seconds at a time… having all your nerves on end for longer than that, while it feels good, is excruciating. Seriously, the moment of a nut is when a man is at his most sensitive, most vulnerable, and most confused. You don’t want to be in that state for more than the average seconds it takes a man to be done. I’ve been there several times for minutes continuously (slept like a fucking rock for at least 12 hours after each time – missed work twice. Felt like all the muscles in my body had atrophied when I finally woke up). So why in the FUCK would anyone want to get to that state and stay there for an hour or more is beyond me. It sounds good in theory, but in practice take my word for it… be happy with the few seconds it normally takes

  4. ashley

    now that I’ve listened to the entire podcast, i give D a pass…

    in other news, i think that this has been the most informative podcast that I’ve listened to to date. and i will leave it at that. =]

    -ash, the official scientist (and innocent i guess) of the black guy who tips

  5. ashley

    danggit!! i had typos!!

    don’t read this just know that I caught them and was hasty with the submit button…

    interrupt stereotypical<– misspelled… sorry as a scientist and an official one at that i should do better (._.)

  6. ashley

    yea… i don’t agree with the way Donavon introduced himself… as a negro from “Nawlins” i expected (as is proper “Nawlins” etiquette) him to start off with a “wannnnnnnnnnnnnn son!”

    but i digress… if i had known clicking on this would interupt my listening i wouldn’t have even left this. Since i already did I would appreciate a more sterotypical intro from him in the future. =)

    signed ash, the official scientist of the black guy who tips…
    p.s. when i get a lil extra cash i’m gonna cop something from the store and make it “official” official… and since i just got a bunny, she also will be the official bunny of the black guy who tips


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