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  1. mass effect 3 trailer

    Now, my initial reaction was knee-jerk. I was furious that EA/BioWare made a game where, as I perceived at the time, a decent ending could not be achieved without multiplayer. I have since then been corrected. A decent ending, where Shepard presumably lives (there is still some ambiguity here), can be achieved with an EMS of 4000 or better (at least, according to sites like IGN). However, my complaint is that the game misled me about this as my EMS bar was completely filled going into the last mission. Even if you can get the good ending without playing multiplayer, much of your readiness rating depends on previous choices from earlier titles. Also, admittedly, there is a box that told me that my chances against the Reapers was even but I didn’t think much of it because in Mass Effect 2, they still called it a “suicide mission” even if you made all the necessary preparations.

  2. Gaby

    Hey y’all (said in the voice of the guy from Family Guy who says “oh nooooo”),

    Just wanted to say when I called in I wasn’t able to actually listen to the show, so, I didn’t know that yall were expecting (?) a call from Trill (sp?). Sorry!!

    Just wanted to say much love to the podcast, even if yall sometimes view me like the red headed step child…..sigh……Oh, what becomes of the biracial gal….

    (reference to E. Lynn Harris’ “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted”–a great book, by an author gone far too soon. no sword ratchedness, though.

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