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  1. Reggie

    Dear Rod & Karen

    Great show as always. I too can relate to being the black nerd. My family thought I was so strange because I read batman, x-men, alpha flight and also had every game system that came out, it got so bad that I was forever cast as half white or oreo of the family, my response to hearing this at the family reunion was SO THE FUCKWHAT it’s my life I will live it as I choose. More over you all never pause when you have a computer question or how do I program my new phone. Also the hating and clowning of black women is only done by the weak a real man wants a strong women who has his back and can hold things together, just remember you would be ready to fight if someone said this about you mom, sister, or daughters. Well keep up the great work and I now have the whole fire station hooked on the show. Thanks guys

    Reggie Blackmon
    Cy-Fair Fire Dept
    Station 8

    P.S There was a story you reported on a long time ago about the firefighters wife who hired the hitman to kill her husband, He is a member of my station, this world is too damm small. Later

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