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314: Orgasmoquill

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  1. Dazz AKA @KunFuTrechery

    People! If you are lost on Brandon’s and Chris’ reference to “Leroy Jenkins”, Google that shit. Matter fact, type that shit and the word “WoW” into the Youtube search bar and thank me latter. Unless you’re Chill. In that case *Kanye Shrug*

  2. Tdub

    Brain WiFi is too complicated from a security standpoint, tlelkenisis is the answer. And alos, acid can be found from regular things around the home, placed under proper conditions, from a pure chemistry acid/base standpoint. That’s all, bout take this good nap, #UpTop Karen. Peace.

  3. NicJu

    I’m sure everyone knows this by now, but….THE ZOMBIE DUDE WAS BLACK. Jesus is on His way.

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