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317: Girls On Girls

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  1. Rev Dr Super Fantast

    Why'd you call this "girls on girls"? It should've been "Fire is the Blackest chick in the history of Blackness!!!" All jokes aside, this "Girls" discussion is one I find fascinating. I'm a native New Yorker & neither White nor Black. I've also never watched "Girls". The lack of diversity on the show isn't surprising at all. I've been in plenty of restaurants where outside of myself & the busboys, it's all white people. I've been at parties where it's all white. This has happened in every borough, not just Manhattan. This (http://www.uproxx.com/technology/2011/06/tumblr-throws-the-whitest-parties-ever-apparently/) is an example of that & it's not an isolated incident. NYC is way more diverse than "Girls" portrays, but that portrayal is not out of the realm of possibility, especially to people who are oblivious to people of color.

  2. Isaiah

    yo rod and karen, was fire really high or primed? Her reactions were a bit… delayed?

  3. crimsonpeach

    There was indeed some passion in this show. Although I'm not a watcher of "Girls" I did enjoy the conversation about it despite the difficulty in keeping everyone's opinion heard was. I was really interested in hearing everyone's take but somehow things got a bit awkward. I do, however, need to thank you for the Brian McKnight YouPorn theme song. I FUCKING loved it! BK made porn sound so smooth and mellow.

  4. Giovanni Alonso

    This wasn’t my favorite episode. I wont go into it but I really enjoyed the ending with you guys. You two were awesome, but ya, not my favorite show.

  5. Evo08

    I have 400 years of reasons why fire was not a good guest (the guesses on guess the race, turning everything into 400 years of blah blah blah) and fuck Puffy Daddy and that he went to Howard no one in the chat gave 1.5 fucks about Puff Diddly, Sean Combs, Swag or whatever he is calling himself today. Also really didn’t appreciate her talking over you when your trying to answer her and its your show man. Black Guy Who Tips is the greatest podcast ever no dead air!

  6. jprojectz

    ayyo,i had to stop n comment on that brian mcknight youporn anthem. i went to youtube,found it and facebooked it IMMEDIATELY! only got one word:#awesome.

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