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316: F#ck Rod and Karen

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  1. Miss Krysable

    Oh yeah and thanks alot Rodren I spent all Saturday afternoon watching “Lil Heffas in da BK” aka the prequel to Sex in the City aka Dem Girls then yall show came on so my Saturday was so non productive that if yall did a guess the race on my Saturday I’d have to set the chatroom on fire. So yes I’m familiar with all dem heffas matter fact one of my good friends is like a responsible, all black everything to the point that her mom feigns for a mulatto grandbaby Hanna. More like Hanna’s culturally competent, overachieving big sis.

    I like the show and I’d watch, laugh at them and continue to pray for their down fall. The writer girl was on NPR talking bout how she didn’t want to stereotype black folks and for that I say respect. So I will continue to watch “Girls” thank yall for putting me on and I will also continue to support independent black media like yall Akward Black Girl and so forth so yeah. The only thing is that I was a bit more militant with my blackness and feminism when I was 24 and that company Hanna was working for would have been mine and I would have made it rain on my parents with all that sexual harassment money I would have received.

  2. Miss Krysable

    Yall too cute! The offer still stands…I’d give the baby a good home and pinch on those chubby cheeks all day and all night especially if the baby is thick like Rod and laughs like Karen 😀 *creepy smiling like I’m in a Herman Cain political ad*

    And Miss Karen, how you gonna be suspicious looking rocking a salmon colored hoodie and smiling??? you should have rocked the Queen Latifah ala Set if Off doonky braids and mean mugged.

  3. Tamara

    Did Chill say “Canada’s our bitch!”??? Nah Chill, nah!!! I love Chill and her calls but, nah girl! Love the show guys, and Rod, your live tweets of Dem Thrones, amazing! Its like your reading my mind.

    Keep doin what your doin Black Guy Who Tips

    From Ottawa, Ontario, Canada,


  4. Dazz

    It’s too many people talking about this “Game of Thrones”. Can’t believe I have not seen it yet. About to cop that first season on Blu-Ray. Been hearing good shit about “Boardwalk Empire” as well.
    Maybe I come off a certain way. Wasn’t my intention.

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