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318: The Crispus Attucks Conspiracy

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  1. Giovanni Alonso

    For the Headphone business I used to be a landscaper. My primary job was lawn work basically. I would wear headphones underneath the ear protection gear with the face mask. You can't hear anything when you have that on, and having the weedeater or the lawnmower on full blast. My boss tried to make us stop wearing this stuff because they couldn't get in contact with us. They said that it was dangerous, yet even if I didn't wear headphones you can't hear anything anyways. It's dead silence. Not imagine dead silence for almost 8 hours straight.

  2. Anthony "animal

    I hate when I'm wearing my headphones and someone is talking to me then when I take them off to see what they have to say, Then they say nevermind… what the fuck you could have left me alone to begin with. Co-Workers,how about no-workers.

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