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319: After The Fire

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  1. Isaiah

    shout out to Rod for making me dig up my Public Enemy collection, making me angry towards cheese heads :)… I'm just kidding. I do get slightly angry tho

  2. Michelle

    I use devil advocate all the time against closed minded people who forget that their are 3 sides to every story and no, I do not agree with what I'm saying but I feel that it needs to be said so that the person that I am arguing against will have a well rounded argument the next time they have an argument.

    Wow. You guys have convinced me to dislike Lebron. At first I didn't care about him until you guys reiterated the bullshit that comes from his mouth. He is a pompous asshole from all sides and I feel that anyone that can sit there and throw their shit into other people's faces and basically walk away saying "you mad!" deserves the crap that's coming to them.

    And no, I'm am not pissed that an athletically inclined, non college educated, black male is making serious cash. I actually expect that because that seems to be the only way that a black man can become successful; entertaining the white masses. But I'm not going to get into my fight the power way of thinking.

    What it all boils down to is that Lebron James is an asshole and people hate assholes, including other assholes. His talent should not cause people to turn a blind eye to his bullshit.

    — Michelle (Devil's Advocate)

    • rodimusprime

      I would read this on the show but I don't entertain the devil of his advocates.

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