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320: My Boyfriend Derrick

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  1. Gaby

    Oh, one more thing….tell Chill she is off the hook and had me rollin!! šŸ™‚ AND, y'all food pics are also making me hungry….though, I am trying to avoid the swine when possible. As Rod says, pigs are smarter than dogs, but we don't mention that too much because they taste so good. šŸ™ Poor little Babe and Wilbur.

  2. Gaby

    Dang…..I just saw y'all pics of food and incense and I gotta say….that looks hecka good!!! Y'all do it proper on the sushi….I usually stick to the regular, less than $7.00 rolls….sigh….can't really be doing the $10 rolls and whatnot. šŸ™ Another sigh please.

    As always, keep up the great work, and if possible, let the super smart nerdy geeky brothas know that I am down for the cause and to follow me on twitter at mind of gabrielle all one word.

    Peace! Much Love!

  3. Giovanni Alonso

    Oh Sorry I'd like to say that Dexter and Eric were awesome. They brought a lot to the table and they were really cool. Great job guys on the conversation and discussions.

  4. Giovanni Alonso

    Buffy was one of my favorite shows. I liked Spike more than Angel because Angel seemed like this self pitty style vampire. He couldn't enjoy life in a sense. Spike on the other hand enjoyed life tried different things to ensure he wouldn't be bored.

    For Prometheus there was 1 major issue I had with the movie. 1 thing that no reviewer has ever mentioned thus far. Everyone wakes up after 2 years of travel and then they are debriefed. Light years of travel, and almost no way of going home and FINALLY they are told why they are there.

    So you're telling me no one asked what their job was before leaving earth? I mean it's not like they can go "Ya, I'm not interested in this job now." Sure maybe they were told they would visit a planet, but no one was told that they were meant to make first contact.

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