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334: Everything Happens For A Reason

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  1. Miss Krysable

    OOMGOODNESS ROD! I had a "I don't expect you to understand" type moment last weekend! Last Friday night the boiler broke at the duplex I work at so the clients called me…side note I didn't get the message til Saturday afternoon cuz I "lost" my phone in my car after a night of stressing, running around to drinking and karayokying. So I found my phone on the floor in the back of my seat and of course my phone was blown up. So I got that they didn't have hot water I called maintenance, dude went out there and was like its an electrical issue he can't fix. So he called the electrician and of course dude wasn't going out there during the weekend he was like he could be out Monday morning. I thought that was reasonable and told my clients of course they started flipping out I told them they can heat up the water in the microwave or stove top. Started popping off at the mouth talking bout "Dis aint the projects"……I bit my tongue so hard it started to bleed.

    One client kinda calmed down and common sense started taking over. The other who we have told on a number of occasions to get tested for development delays since both of her kids are severely developmentally delayed and uh yeah she kinda slow and..well…uh…delayed…but one of those who think they know e'rythang and always try to talk or shout you down. So basically the heffa was like "can yall get us a hotel so we can shower"….I am so so so so glad those conversations were via text because I would have sounded like the biggest bitch to I told her I'd ask my boss and she was like yeah and we're gonna need rides to the hotel too *I mildly stroked out*. Of course I bothered my boss on the weekend and told him about the hotel and ride request he was like "I had to make sure I read your message right cuz that is some bull." He asked if she was serious I told him yeah and he started on a cursing rant and I told him that I wanted to run that by him to make sure I wasn't just being an ass he said no that its really hot outside, they dont have central air so hot showers may not be too comfortable anyway and it was just for the weekend and instructed me to give them seats to sit down on.

    I relayed this msg to the special client and….."but I have a kid here what about the children call the electric company they'll come out". My response, "heat the water up stovetop or in the microwave, we need an electrician not the electric company. A weekend without hot water on a hot summer weekend does not constitute an emergency if this was going on for over a week that would be a different story". Her response "this is not the project this is a health hazard how am I supposed to sanitize things for my child". My response, use a bleach solution for sanitizing and equipment malfunctions are a part of life they happen in projects and mansions. People from NJ to NC were without power for weeks so please calm down."

    Her response "but the electric co was trying really hard" and the straw that broke my back was when she said "Equipment malfunctions are not apart of life when you have kids so I will not calm down". I had another mild stroke, she wanted to say that we were allowing a health hazard so I found the housing code hotline gave it to her like "I don't think I'm doing a good job explaining this to you so if you'd like, call the health dept maybe they can explain things better to you." No more responses conversation over. I know my response was a bit more nicer and tactful but the message was similar to your message I find myself doing various variations of that maybe monthly both at work and home….IDK Rod your right sometimes you just have to SYH and walk away cuz it's like a lose lose situation arguing with fools.

    Love you guys,


    Miss Krysable

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  2. YOLO the Jew

    I was scared when I saw "WM40A Beef." I thought YOU were beefing with them, which I would hope would never happen since I always felt your show and their show were the closest out of all you guys' little podcasting family, especially since it seems like Rod is on that show more than Mike is.

    Brandon's still a hatin ass nigga, tho.

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