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336: Boycott Grandma

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  1. Abubakar

    I am catching up on episodes and had been thinking that Rod should be happy to have a natural beauty for a wife. Cracked up when the topic went to the issue of make up.

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  2. MikeIndex

    That nigga Scarfinger is the truth. Sherry sounds delicious. Karen is adorable and Rod…? He alright. This was some funny ass shit. Y'all should have them on more often. Much love to black love. I'm gonna check out Scarcasm and The Dream team now. Peace and blessings.

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  3. Miss Krysable

    OMGoodness Rodren! That last "Guess the Race" got me good! What threw me off was how they kept going on and on about how pretty and smart and successful and awesome the wife was that i just saw some blond headed Jennifer Aniston looking chick. Looking all beautiful in the face with 3 drops of blood on her forehead, and as the camera pans out you just see her lying on the bed in a pool of blood with her left arm askew dangling off of the bed. The rest of her body bloody and flopped on the all white 1200 thread count sheets Raggedy Ann style. The broken tip of the sword poking through her chest as more and more blood continues to spread all over the sheets.

    Dang! I bet they'll still cast Jennifer Aniston anyway for that Lifetime movie. Maybe HBO or BET Australia (or whoever put out Black Panther the cartoon) will cast Sanaa Lathan, I could see her writing that letter and giving dude good bougie sass.

    On a brighter note I heart Scar and Sherry, Scar holds Sherry down and supports her and Sherry is super sweet and fun and likes vodka *singing In Rod's Ray J voice Casual Conversations YAAYYYY!*…Why all my fav podcasting folks married couples???? It's yall, Chonilla and Scar and Sher, can be kinda depressing *looking for that broken blade in that ladies body…*



    Miss Krysable

    PS: How come you guys didn't ask the make up question to the fellas? I bet yall don't care about that stuff. Now grooming the lady parts and keeping the toes and feet fresh during sundress season is a whole nother thing am I right fellas up top!

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  4. C-Moe

    Before I knew what politics were I knew my family. While there are a couple of members that I would gladly trade for a Tyrese, Steve Harvey, or the world's greatest male child baby sitter Bishop Eddie "Jerry Sandusky" Long, I never had either party help me out when I was going through shit. Love the show.

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