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337: Baby Doing Alright!

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  1. Dazz AKA @KunFuTrech

    Once again I'm on that Spoiled Movie Review shit. Ya'll were kind of mean to that James dude, but his voice WAS like nails on a chalk board. You will never know how good it does my heart to hear other black nerds rant.


    #MichaelCainTears …SHIT IS REAL!!! At the grave site, I was like "WHY, CHRISTOPHER NOLAN?!?!?!? Why must you tug on my heart strings, so, yo?" He was killing me softly with Batman's song!!

    Tom Hardy's Bane was so AWESOME. He was like X-Men's Apocalypse. Huge. Imposing. And intellectually superior to anyone and everyone as well physically. The way that Tom Hardy approached the role of Bane…so much of him came through his eyes and mannerisms. I can't wait to own the Blu-Ray just for his lines.

    The entire "Dark Knight" world was rooted in plausibility. And that was GREAT or this trilogy, but let's move on. I'm looking forward to a reboot where it goes more into a "Batman: Arkham Asylum" type of movie where we can see Killer Croc, Clayface, and a seriously scary Mr. Freeze. Still moody and dark, but less plausible and a little more fun.

    And finally: People, you can not compare "Marvel's The Avengers" to "The Dark Knight Rises". Two tottaly different films. "Avengers" was a cinematic comic book, Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight" trilogy is a cinematic graphic novel. And when Nolan turns the page, leave the book fucking closed. Leave EVERYTHING in the final scenes to the imagination. Like "Inception". Let nerds write fan fiction. Leave Nolan's vision as is. It would be like Jordan putting on the Wizard's jersey.

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