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363: Spoken Word For The White Man

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  1. YOLO the Jew

    On the subject of tipping, I notice a lot of people have the mentality of, "I'm not tipping my server because it subsidizes the restaurants and gives them an excuse not to pay them a decent wage."

    Okay. If that's the case, why are you taking it out on the people trying to make a living? It's not their fault that's how shit works. They're just trying to pay their rent.

    "Oh, well, it's not my fault they don't get paid without tips. They should have picked a better job." Well, you should have picked somewhere else to eat, asshole. WTF? Nobody told you to eat there, especially since you have such a problem with tipping, even though you knew that's how the shit works. I don't understand why people have to be such assholes to people that not only didn't do anything wrong to you, but are actually providing you with a service.

    And tip your barbers, too. You know that nigga with the shaky hand that hangs out outside the barber shop and asks every dude that walks by if they need a lineup because he doesn't have any regular clients? Yeah, that's the nigga you get stuck with if you don't tip.

    Also, you guys talked about ultimately wanting to make the show a daily podcast, but do you ever fear you'll run out of ratchet shit to talk about? So now "Sword Ratchetness" becomes "Swords and/or Ratchetness," and you're covering stories like, "A Tokyo resident killed two men with a samurai sword after he caught them breaking into his house and trying to rape his daughter." It's more ratchet on the part of the robbers, but it does involve swords.

    Sorry for the long comment, guys. Take care.

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  2. Michelle B.

    I don't mean any harm but I am not paying a hairstylist a tip anymore or going to a hairstylist ever again. Every time I get my hair done by different stylists they chemically burned my scalp, gave me a bald spot by pulling out my hair from braids, excessively tight weaves, etc(Luckily my hair grew back) and died my hair blonde when I asked for a chocolate brown and then got made at me when they fucked up.

    That's why when Karen mentioned their education I had to laugh. All of the fuck ups I had were from professional, certified stylists. Girls from around the way actually know how to do someone's hair without causing your hair to fall out. I think they actually have to make sure that they care for a person's hair because they don't get as many customers as a salon.

    Just yesterday Someone I tip regularly took 2hrs to deliver my order; an order that usually take 30 min. No I did not tip them. It's really rare that I find good customer service and refuse to tip for bad service.

    Also, Some people are broke. I'm a college student where I only work twice a week from financial aid. I also have a non paying internship. I have to save up to go to a salon, or to eat out, or to order in. I am not tipping anywhere near 30%. I don't have the money for it. I tip whatever I have left over and usually that's a 10-15% tip.

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    • Michelle B.

      Just wanted to add that I meant I won't tip for bad service from hairstylists and to add on to what the guy said about the black people getting shitty service I never go in thinking that I'm going to get bad service especially when I hear great reviews about a place and I always try to bring in enough money to tip but something always happens. Now I've decided to do my own hair and cook my own food because I don't have time for BS.

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  3. Terilyn

    Uhh, if you want healthy hair, tip your stylist and barber. Period.

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