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415: Welfare Lottery Tickets

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  1. HC

    Props to Karen for riding for my niggas on welfare. Love when Karen gets mad…but let me focus. EVERYONE wastes taxpayer money. Rich people, the government itself…and in much greater quantities, but we want to control the poor people. Smh and I gave Rod 20 stars for ethering soft c. Gimme back 10 of them stars goddammit! I'm giving them to Karen! Karen, you go and spend those stars however you want, because we don't own you.

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  2. Finding Truth (@Warr

    Great show as always! Everybody needs to watch the replay of this episode on spreecast to see the faces Mike made! LMAO!

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  3. mralladatshyt

    Sigh! Ok, I have to comment on the Atlanta = Ratchet phenomenon people have started to remark about. Yes it is true that the subjects and characters i.e. Honey Booboo, Catfish victims, Love and Hip-Hop members, etc. are quite the drag on my beautiful city's image. OOOHHH Georgia right!

    The reason ATL is getting so much ratchet lime light in comparison to other parts of the country is because our state has made it EXTREMELY attractive for Hollywood to film here and elsewhere in the state via tax breaks and other incentives. As a long time resident of GA and Atlanta I’ve seen the city make the gradual move from Black Hollywood to plain ol' Hollywood. It is quickly becoming just as viable and attractive to film makers to produce their products here as it is for other locales such as Vancouver, BC and New York, NY.

    Lol, in short we out here tryna get dat BRWEAD sun! Off the top of my head here are some recent popular projects filmed in Georgia:

    The Hunger Games

    Foot Loose

    Love and Hip Hop

    Catfish the TV Show

    Single Ladies

    The Real Housewives of Atlanta

    Army Wives

    Vampire Diaries

    Walking Dead


    Bad Girls Club

    What to Expect When You’re Expecting

    Teen Wolf

    Auction Kings

    Necessary Roughness

    Drop Dead Diva

    Joyful Noise


    American Reunion

    The Three Stooges

    The Odd Life of Timothy Green

    Fast 5

    X-Men: First Class

    Anyway TBGWT I’m not trying to brag or trip just thought I would explain why my city’s RATCHET ass citizens are getting so much TV time.

    Peace Out,


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