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418: RG3 Won Rookie Of The Year?

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  1. HC

    Some songs are so bad, I can't help but like them. "Stand up in it" was soulful like Roc a Fella music! The way that nigga sang his name Theodis like it was normal…thanks for that, Karen. Similar to R. Kelly, who made "Trapped in the Closet" without a hint of self awareness, realized mid-song that "Feelin on your Booty" was so ridiculous that he started laughing. But if I play that when i have someone over one night, i bet its goin down.
    Also, gotta disagree that the Temptations were boring. Maybe it's because I watched that TV movie about them so many times that I don't even remember what the real Temptations look like. Leon should have won an Oscar for portraying David Ruffin, but the academy keeps snubbing great actors like he and Clarence Williams III. Damn travesty! What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, every time I hear "My Girl" I remember Leon being a real nigga. Not boring.

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  2. clout2k

    Wanted to chime in on the LeBron getting paid issue. No on mentioned that he purposefully took less money to team up with D Wade and chris bosh. The salary cap for basketball is bullshit though, and I didn't find LeBron's comments offensive or anything like that. But the fact is his salary as it is right now isn't capped, he did that to himself. The funny thing is all this max salary talk got local sports talk shows backpedaling like shit. All of a sudden these dudes is talking about what if LeBron came back to Cleveland, SMH These niggas. Although he would get max money definitely coming here, he could get that anywhere, and possibly another ring. Something he would have not chance at getting in Cleveland unless we get a big three like situation with him, Kyrie, and another free agent when his contract is up. That shit is pie in the sky

    Just to clarify I didn't like the decision because that meant the Cavs wasn't going to be watchable that year.I saw LeBron leaving a mile away and so did most people who don't have their heads up their asses. All I got to say about that is anyone else listening to the show from cleveland should enjoy Kyrie while he's still wearing a Cavs jeresey. Also Karen made a good point with the jealousy involved in the hate of the decision, i see a lot of that in the conversations that I had after it happened.

    That point ya'll made about intelligence required to play baseball vs. football or basketball was the fucking truth. Baseball unless you are the pitcher or the catcher is just hit ball, run, catch ball, throw. Versus learning & executing plays, reading defense and offense, while performing a contact sport. But basketball and football got the salary cap though huh.

    Finally i wanted point out a Rod tank, its Genndy Tartakovsky, not Gerry. That gerry probably felt right to you didn't it. Karen should send that to the Hot FiyaStarter podcast, get some payback.

    Anyways sorry for the essay there with the black guy who tips all star group all on at the same time I had way more to say, but i wanted to keep it readable. Anymore and I'd expect a Colin Powell did not read image on Saturday. Excellent show so far, peace.

    p.s. Fuck, just got to the star wars prequel part…. you don't even got to read this next post if i do one.

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  3. Mo_Rease

    Great show as always. A few things:

    1. It way too many hidden messages in the old school music.

    2. RG3000 won Rookie of The Year? Who knew?

    3. I wanted to go into social work but after hearing Kev's story, I may alter that decision.

    4. #FreeCrunkBear

    5. How about those Ravens?!

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