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419: Beyonce Bowl

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    Yikes on the rental car purchase? I'll pass on that every time. It's is very true that rental cars are treated like trash. The key to being able to treat a rental car like trash is to have a REALLY good credit card with rental car coverage and full coverage insurance. If you rent with those like most business travelers do you can for sure do donuts, wheelies, drifting, with strippers on your lap. In all seriousness re-think the allegiance to buying rentals especially a Toyota. Remember when all those Toyotas got recalled a couple of years ago? Yeah, rental companies everywhere were being put on blast for not getting the cars serviced for the defects. Over all I'm super happy Karen has a new ride to flex on dem hoes with — in the Queen City; just don't forget to sue!

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    Buying a rental car… I worked at Enterprise for about 2 years. As an employee I bought one of their rentals and I still have it (6 years later). Thing most people don't know is that if you buy a used car from a dealership (Ford, GM, etc) those are likely to be rental that didn't make the cut for the rental company's own resale lot. So if you are buying a used car it is probably better to buy it from a rental company because they keep the cars the want and sell back the others to the manufacturer to be sold on the manufacturer's resale lot.

    woman getting tazed… um I just feel bad for those kids and the people they robb in 12 years.

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