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429: Just Be A Father

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  1. Charles S.


    Better Than Privilege

    Getting a white person to wish they were black…

    Even for second!

    What's good Rod and Karen. Another good episode. I concur with the whole father discussion. I've treated every woman I slept with as if I could get her pregnant, save one. The thought of me picking the wrong woman scares me 10 times more than actually having the kid. That's the main reason I don't have one now. I personally don't feel I'm in the right place to raise a child. Still I couldn't even imagine not trying to be there for my offspring. I've already made the decision to be there in my child's life regardless of the consequences.

    A few years ago, someone I know and trust wanted me to be the father of her child as she was pushing 40. As much as I believe she was responsible and dedicated, I would have to have full access to my child for me to agree to that. No turning over parent privileges for the omission of child support. I couldn't do it! I have a few relatives that have a bunch of children. Most of which they never see because of "legitimacy issues". I got a few cousins I only know of in theory. When I think of my father, whom I grew up with and who wasn't crazy, I couldn't imagine not having him there. My current girlfriend has never been close to her father. She clings to me like a label to a bottle. I've never meet someone as needing of approval and affection.

    Lastly, the entire argument that society is harder on BLACK MEN is bullshit. Only because if you really felt that way then you would do everything in your power to either prepare your child for that or make it so they wouldn't have to experience that. It takes a special kind of callousness to think you are doing someone a favor by denying them your experiences and your perception because you haven't mastered this world and all of its imperfections. In actuality it is only laziness and selfishness that people won't take remedial steps towards the person that they brought into this world.

    Please excuse the long email.

    Charles S.

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  2. da_ticklah

    Be a gatdamned daddy, follow me on twitter for a month or two and you'll know I hate being a daddy. This is some bullshit for yo ass, but I did that shit and these lil motherfuckers are here because of my actions so I'm gonna take care of their bad asses.

    I dated way to many females with daddy issues and I don't need my daughters taking to dick like I gave them bitches with daddy issues til they's married or I'm dead.

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  3. Xephrey (@xephrey)

    What up, Rod & Karen! It's Chris from Sweden who called in last week – just a little correction: the podcast I was trying to plug was 'The Stochastic Kitten' (the 'ch' in Stochastic makes a 'k' sound). I guess it sounds like sarcastic over a phone line. Mybad for not being more clear. What was it that made you guys start The Black Guy Who Tips? Would you say that spreading the good news of a tipping black man has become your life's ambition? Also: what's next for Rod & Karen? Your own network? A show on BET? What would have to be accomplished for you guys to be able to sit back and say 'We've made it! Our lives are now fulfilled.'

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