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430: Comedy Killer

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  1. clout2k

    Whats up ya'll, good show as always. Shout out to where's my 40 acres, that podcast has become a necessity for me to be able to cut past all the bullshit with today's rap and catch on to some quality albums. i just got few comments on today's show.

    What tripped me out about the whole Charlemagne segment, besides him just being a piece of shit, was how hard he went in on funk master flex (also a piece of shit) for spousal abuse. I suppose expecting integrity from dudes like that is a lost cause, but he should at least be consistent.

    I can't say I feel the second guessing pain from my wife, but I get something similar. I get the "why did you do that?" interrogation. So if I slip up and make mistake like leaving my cellphone in the car or something she'll ask me why I did that. As if I am strategically fucking up every once and awhile just to keep her on her toes. I get her back though, sometimes when she slips up like that I'll ask her "How did you do that?". She gets the joke most of time but on those rare beautiful occasions when she thinks i'm actually serious she pauses to think of an answer, *herman cain smile*.

    Speaking of which I enjoyed segment when you guys were talking about marriage, it seems like a lot of people are out there with some strong misconceptions about it. I guess a lot of people took Chris Rock's famous "lets go out there and make this bitch happy" joke seriously. Me and my wife just celebrated 10 years strong and sucks to see people I know who rushed into marriage and is now sitting there feeling stuck because it was either doomed from the get go or they let the relationship slowly deteriorate without examining what was going on between them. Ya'll on the other hand definitely have relationship to aspire to. The level of openness you and Karen have with each other even while on a show is a testament to that.


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