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452: Chile Grapes On P#ssy Wine

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  1. Da Kc Stork

    Just wanted to apologize for my some what drunken, emotional charged outburst. I get it in this day and age of parents video recording disciplining their kids, and just the horrible shit that happens to kids because of suspect parenting. When I say I am ever present in when prepping my kids to go out into the world, that goes for my boys also. No pants around their ankles and all that Bullshit.

    The point I was getting across was that in the moment when I was telling my daughter to try on her shorts so that we could see if they fit correctly, I was no longer just her daddy. She had come to realize that I was a man and that she was a young lady. I was actually proud, because her mother and I have always preached to our kids that if they feel uncomfortable that they need to speak up, no matter who it is. Anyway, the point was watching your little girl become a little woman, is both amazing and a little sad all in one moment.

    Then again fuck it, whomever said is still a mouth breather.

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