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460: Raping And Killaging

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  1. Malcolm Edgecombe

    Why has no one mentioned that Rob was holding his hand in pain right after getting cursed by the dude he beheaded?

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  2. clout2k

    good recap of demthrones as usual.

    I missed the live show so I’m going to live comment the segment. As always, its going to be lengthy so read at your own risk.

    On the hound fight i had one thought about they justice system. In what kind of fucked up world would I decide guilt & innocence based off fighting skill. Putting aside the obvious that a nigga like the hound could theoretically do as he pleases, how is that remotely fair to the prosecutor. I’m picturing Jack McCoy from law and order with a sword in his hand and it ain’t working. Everybody is innocent and whatever Assistant D.A. chick that he’s fucking probably has a tape recording of that chant to play when this dude takes an L. What kind of god would punish their followers so…. more on that later.

    By the way, did you peep dat Lingus Jon snow put on the wildling girl? She didn’t even want to be a wildling anymore after that. Its like John was in high school with podrick plotting while all the jocks was just powering through loose women.

    Robb Stark is the definition of the right dude at the wrong time. That “I was just a watcher” shit was my favorite line too. I’d do anything to able to vote for this nigga Robb to be the senator from my state. I know its fiction but goddamnit name one president who would’ve made that decision. Granted if they did that back in the day most of the country would be Mexico, and if they did that somewhat recently most of the country would be Japan or Russia.

    Yea stannis’ wife was wild, but considering the disease his daughter has why doesn’t every dude from the Iron islands have them scales on their face. I’m not questioning their author’s vision, but i just think that would’ve done a lot to cement their level of fuck it in the story.

    Poor Sansa. Again, this is why you should never shelter your daughters. They have to be able to keep it as real as the world around them is. She was ill prepared for Kings Landing and i’m going to go ahead and blame Ned. He should’ve had Sansa in the archer pit with Arya. Arya on the other hand escaped and was out there seeing magic like, “okay, how can that help me”. If they had two arya’s there wouldn’t even be a hostage crisis and Robb would be sitting on that iron throne by now. Now this nigga robb out there trying to convince the dude (Lord Frey) he done already fucked over by not marrying his ugly ass daughter to give him an army. That’s what i’m looking forward to next week, that conversation is going to be epic.It’ll be like Rod’s story about the father trying to hook his daughter up with him at his job, but instead of leaving it at that you go up to where they live and try to borrow the father’s car. Not good.

    Fuck Kiya or however the fuck dude spells his name. Karen was dead on, they don’t know shit about how the brain processes faith. That shit just sounded good to them cuz they just mad that each generation across the world is getting less and less religious, actual studies prove that. So what, we all autistic? On top of that atheism isn’t defined by a lack of faith in everything, it just means you don’t accept assigned faith based on your race, upbringing, etc. As an atheist you can have faith in your loved ones,people you trust, and people you believe in no problem. So dude is saying its a form of autism because niggas are being selective about their shit? Fuck Kiya.

    Good show as usual, ya’ll stay cool.

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  3. Andre No K

    Man I’m loving #DemThrones reviews. Y’all kind of skip one thing I really wanted to hear y’all thoughts on. I think Barristar whom I refer to as “Old Man Strength” knows Jorah ain’t shit. I didn’t realize it until they showed them recaps at the beginning of show. It showed Varys getting word about the Khaleesi from Jorah last season. Do you think word of her increasing strength will get back to Poppa Lannister in time for him to prepare?

    A separate observation Littlefinger has reached a new level of pimping. He shall now be referred to as the “Dick Whisperer.” This nigga just knows your penis weakness. As committed to Karen as you are I just picture this nigga whispering in your ear when this pussy makes you cum, the air will taste like Carnel Dish’s big ass chocolate chip cookies. And you’ll have to go home and have the same conversation Stannis and his wife had.

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