Well it looks like I may have stepped in it. I challenged listeners to get us to 100 premium subscriptions and it looks like you guys are speeding right along. The current count is at 63 and I’m sort of scared of all the people who get paid this Friday or the 1st of the month. But it’s a good fear like when Jesse did speed on “Saved By The Bell.” I think I’m going to put a month time limit on this thing. So by June 14th we have 100 premium subscriptions or I’m not getting a tat.

If you’ve been paying attention to the site this week then you know we’re hard at work. We just recently switched over to a dedicated server. No more “this site is unavailable” pages for you guys (hopefully). Getting a dedicated server is something that we can afford to do now because so many of you have already subscribed to our premium content. Thank you.

If you were very lucky you got the Keith and The Girl Stand Up Athon video completely free of charge. We’ve posted the first 30 episodes of our archived content. You can go back and hear the show from it’s roots. We’ve released 2 more episodes of Spoiled Movie Reviews, another Lip Smacking Good, The Nerd Off, Medium talk and Balls Deep. You can find links to all these shows by clicking HERE. Just click on the pictures and they’ll take you right to the page.

I interviewed the notorious and sometimes controversial Chey B for Medium Talk. Karen talked to Sanura Weathers of “My Life Runs on Food” on Lip Smacking Good. And the rest of the shows have many guests that you know and love talking sports, nerd culture and movies.

We also did some guest appearances on other people’s podcasts. You can find those by going HERE.  We’re working harder than ever and you guys are the reason we can afford to take chances.