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479: Work Terrorist


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Rod and Karen discuss a drug dealing documentary, conflict resolution at work, Harris Teeter being sold, Facebook is boycotted, Papa John’s racism, celebrity gossip, Kanye, Kim, Amanda Bynes, Justin Beiber, Keyshawn Johnson, putting the baby on ice, rodeo argument, teacher indicted for pet sex and sword ratchetness.

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  1. tony in sc

    great show… the BMF documentary(?) was hilarious… they did all these cut scenes with the SAME footage over and over… the one white guy who appeared to be a politician or businessman was shaking their hands and they were purposely mean-mugging the camera — he was probably a car dealer selling them a bentley or something but they were framing it like “yeah, niggah…we gettin dough wit generic white dudes with suits and shit!”

    another thing that had me laughing hysterically was how they did these intense build ups like “The BMF were on top of the world, and was raking in millions… UNTIL… wiretaps gave investigators just what they needed… (and then they play a 10 second conversation that goes like:) “Eh, that black car there yet? No, but the white car left yesterday. Ok, Peace. Peace, niggah. click.”

    i bet that Jakob the jewler dude sittin in jail like these niggas done got a muh fucka locked up. aint this about a bitch?!

    lastly, the story you told about beatin the hell out of the guy trying to bully you in school was hilarious (my favorite story of yours from school though is the one with the girl you liked and gave some letter to where i think you told her that her boyfriend was an asshole (I cant remember verbatim so feel free to tell the story again).. and then the next day she was like “he saw the letter”… and dude was looking for some guy named rod…. that shit had me rollin. please tell that shit again … as a matter of fact you could do a recurring series after your random thoughts with this week in high school memories… please include the stories about you and your brother getting lit up by your mom and dad… that shit gives me flashbacks. where the fuck was all these laws and shit back then? My moms had me shook like she was Suge Knight or some shit back in the day.

    keep up the good work. re: the tattoo — quit bein a bitch and forget about the arm… be a man and get a podcast mic tattoo under your eye — keep it G niggah… (G for geek… ahhhhh, its reaaaaalllllllll).

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