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This Is Me Looking At My Phone. (96/100)


How many? But it’s not even June yet!

Ya’ll really don’t fuck around.

Many people doubt that an audience composed of mostly black folks can be monetized for something so technical as a podcast. Well FUCK those people! Ya’ll didn’t even need the full month to get to 100 premium subscriptions. And I’m a man of my word so when we get to 100 I’m getting a tattoo. But, (and I may regret this later) I say we up the ante! We have until the 16th of June before the bet is final right? We get to 130 by the 16th of June and I’ll get the LOGO on my arm too. And instead of the upper arm which is easily covered by a t-shirt I’ll get the tattoo on my forearm where the entire world will know about it! (Non Jack Off Arm)

I’m sitting here this morning contemplating on Wu-Tang having the most innovative entrance into hip hop of all time while listening to “Return To The 36 Chambers”. I’m posting up old archived episodes to the site, emailing potential show guest and watching my phone in amazement as more Paypal alerts flash on my iPhone. This is my work day now. All possible because you guys believe in the podcast and by extension… US. Thank you.


If We Get To 130 By The 6/16 I’m Gonna Be Looking Like This! LOL

So in addition to all that what else have we been up to this week? Well we’ve officially integrated the site for monetization. This means no more emails to me to “activate” your account. You get instant access. If you’re a free member you just have to click on the “premium content” link and it’ll bring you to a screen to pay for access immediately. I’m still tech support for any issues you have that can’t be solved with a refresh, log-in or change of password.

We did episode 3 of The Nerd Off, Lip Smacking Good, Medium Talk and Balls Deep Sports! To get the premium content right away just go HERE. Enjoy!

But that’s not all. We’ve also been doing guest spots over the past week. We grind hard! The links are below but as always you can find these on iTunes and Stitcher by searching the show titles.

Rod was on “Where’s My 40 Acres” episode 274 “Yeezus Walks”.

Rod was on episode 300 of Chonilla.Com Podcast “Hawt Mic XVI” after being chatnapped on Facebook.


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    You made me believe.

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    Ahhhhhhhh haaaaaaaaaaaaa it’s realllll!

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