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483: Own Your Offensiveness


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Rod and Karen discuss the latest interview on Medium Talk, guessing a woman’s weight, skinny jeans, Roy Hibbert, drunk lawyer, sex with a pitbull, and sword ratchetness.

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  1. HC

    You know who I blame for this Hibbert mess? LeBron. That LeBron hate in the media had people searching for their anti-LeBron heroes (Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant), and they all got roasted in the Summer of Bron. Now LeBron is back for Summer of Bron part 2 and the media started hugging Hibbert when it looked like he would bring the party to an end. So now the spotlight is on this goofy dude who isn’t used to it and got too comfortable. And the media is now more heartbroken because their new hero is the one that made the anti-gay slur. Damn you, LeBron.

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