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520: #SubTweetHunting


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Rod and Karen are joined by Jay, Micah, Terrence and Rob from Black On Black Cinema Podcast to discuss Ask Chey B’s alleged dating fail, Subtweet Hunting, Don Lemon didn’t go far enough, Zimmerman let off with Warning, 3 million dollars in gold, McDonald’s minimum wage math, Spitzer’s wife is OUT, white student union, Asian Girlz video, Riley Cooper is racist, meth dentures, rapper puts murder confession in lyrics, re-arranging Walgreens, Florida teacher fired and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Mitchell

    #SubTweetHunting is one of the funniest game that Rod made up. its keeps your timeline clean without people talking shit about you.

  2. HC

    Rod’s working way too hard to fix the black community to go without winning a tippy. Where does the Get Rod A Tippy Committee go to make the official nomination?

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