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525: Too Cool To Be Happy


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Rod and Karen are joined by Darryl of the Straight Of Out LoCash podcast to discuss being too cool to be happy, Don Lemon, movie commercials, python update, the big fat fatty sandwich, waffle taco, Ebony magazine boycott, Reddit proposal, Comptroller race in NYC, Foxy Brown, Chris Brown, Simon Cowell, 47 percent black Obama, Ohio don’t want no black folks, follow the blood drip, stealing from a cancer victim, Ms. Utah bombs, shooting at breakfast, bus driver does his job and sword ratchetness.

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And they’re on Twitter: @adamandeve

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  1. cramzy

    The minute Rod said “there is nothing sadder as a black man…”, I started shouting church adlibs. “Speak on it brother!”…As the great orator Curtis Jackson so eloquently stated in 2002 “Somethings really wrong with these hoes, I thought Lil Kim was hot till she start fucking with her nose”. I was 10 when Kim and Fox were at the height of their powers but I knew. I KNEW!..Dope episode

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