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530: Lower Taxes With Your Mouth


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Rod and Karen discuss porn star ads, lying to kids about vacation, beef online, evil neighbor writes letter about Autistic boy, space in relationships, waiting online to get online for a license, wedding barn trashed, Monica Lewinski’s sexy tape, Dr. Phil gets in trouble for asking a question, Harry Linnex goes in on The Butler, stealing from the Ronald McDonald House, church deacons stabbing folks, felon caught because he double parked, New Zealand radio host send penis pick and sword ratchetness.



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  1. da_ticklah

    We took a 4 yr old and an 18 month old to the beach last year, we rented a 2 bedroom condo and packed benadryl. Shiiit negro every night they got a little sleepy juice in their milk and it was on like popcorn good thing I had that vasectomy or there might be another lil niglett in my house right now fucking shit up. Now I agree that Disney world for a 1 year old is dumb, but a kid playing in the sand with a shovel and pail is cute. We know the 18 month old wont remember it but we do,and grandma and grandpa love the pictures. It was still a getaway from the day to day grind and a relaxing time for all.

  2. lrjoiner

    Man listen, when you covered that story about the pastor and his deacons laying hands on the man and his elderly mother like some reformed pimps I almost had to explain to a room full of white ppl that I listened to this show! They stopped at the awkward glances but man it was a close call. But after hearing how the church’s leaders handle some people that THEY owed money to, I couldn’t help but wonder how in the hell do they handle people who owe THEM money! Like if they have a member that’s behind on tithes do they pull his teeth out like Majestic made Justice pull Odell’s teeth out on Get Rich or Die Tryin? I’m just wondering. Somebody needs to check that church kitchen freezer for some dead bodies around there or something.

    Oh and as usual you guys were spot on about your take on men and women needing to be able to enjoy the time away from each other. Particularly, I think you made an excellent point about being able to have the type of relationship with your partner where you can express yourself to your partner and it not be taken personally or detrimentally. When you can do that, you can solve a lot of issues that arise in the relationship because each person knows that when things come up, they can discuss them.

    Anyhow, great week of shows. Peace!

  3. NatashaP

    I was co-signing out loud when you guys were talking about couples not feeling guilty about enjoying time apart. Like Karen, I also plunk myself down in the comfiest spot on the couch when my husband is out with his friends.

  4. Nic Ju

    Karen…this is why we go together. I just went to a baseball game with some friends. The womenladies spent most of the game walking around the stadium. When they were in the seats they wanted to talk or start fights with their boyfriends about not paying attention to them. I enjoyed the silent treatment portion of the game the most. They kept asking me to move so we could all sit together. I was like “dude…I’m trying to watch the game. The seat i’m sitting in is in perfect game watching range.” They were in their feelings. Next time, no womenladies.

  5. Clout2k

    Haha, they thought they could escape the DMV lines, but got sent back to to scratch.

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