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BDS 15: Pissed Off For Greatness


Rod and Justin discuss Dustin Keller’s injury, ESPN making a story from nothing, Tywon Lawson, MTSU player gets abusive, Aaron Hernandez’s girlfriend, banana throw at MLB player, A Rod, gay boxer proposes via Facebook, Randy Moss, Dez Bryant, McNabb and RG3, Kawhi Leonard, Jeremy Lin, Mark Sanchez, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, congress and HGH, RG3 fined for wearing shirt, Putin’s homophobia, Joe Flacco, Ray Lewis and this week in Mamba.


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  1. trojanscooter

    The relationship between McNabb and RG3 is very complexed. On the one hand, Donovan is one of those guys who tries to help the younger generation successfully maneuver their way through difficult terrain. He wants to see RG3 succeed. On the other hand, RG3 is the young person who believes in the notion of meritocracy, pulling yourself up by your bootstraps while ignoring the obvious double standards.

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