Well we’re back from vacation. In addition to the four (2 hour) episodes of TBGWT we dropped we also did some guest spots you might enjoy.We also dropped some premium episodes of Balls Deep Sports AND Them Real House Husbands. Enjoy!

As always you can find these podcast on iTunes and Stitcher by searching the names of the shows.

Karen and I were on the “Welcome 2 The Village” podcast discussing our favorite music and a lot of racial topics in the wake of Trayvon Martin. It was a really fun show.

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Rod and Karen were on the Single Simulcast episode 116: Gentry-Bye Niggas with Rashanii and the crew from “The Ink”.

Rod was on The Black Astronauts Podcast episode “Them Racism Eyes” discussing the Harriet Tubman skit gone wrong and a bunch of other topics.

Rod was on episode 3 of The Playing Dead: Long Road Ahead with Kriss, Kev and Brandon talking about the video game The Walking Dead.