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Bradley Manning

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Rod and Karen are joined by Larion to discuss losing weight, working out, black people’s hair, Chelsea Manning, mean tippers, DMX arrested, Hannah Anderson, fried chicken to blame for poverty, faking a kidnapping, burned to a crisp, burglars run out of gas, Miracle Jackson and sword ratchetness.

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  1. jamoke-atron5000

    Dude and Dudette…..Senator Marble makes me sad to be a cheese eater. You’ve said it best when you’ve said “people ain’t shit” but although I’ve gotta say, I’ve never had better bbq and better chicken and ate better in my life then when you go down south and you…..I mean I love it. Why is it so hard to have humans live by the golden rule? or are we really that stupid #racismisdumb

  2. SnarlingNikki

    Hi. Great show as usual. Listening to the segment on tipping reminds me of something I always think about when I’m out at a restaurant. Which way of tipping do servers prefer: cash or credit? Does it matter? My husband thinks it doesn’t matter but I prefer to leave cash. But that’s mostly because I think I would prefer cash if it were me. Just curious. Thanks.

  3. raininblack

    I think she should be allowed to have her hormone therapy, but I don’t believe we should have to pay for any surgeries. The whole “pursuit of happiness” thing doesn’t apply to those who break laws and go to prison. It just seems rather unfair to those who are transgendered for their tax dollars to go towards a criminal when they themselves might not even be able to afford their own treatment.

    Like Rod, I feel pretty “meh” about the Manning and Snowden cases. Don’t get me wrong, white man problems are important too—but right now I’m more worried about being charged with manslaughter for having a heavy period. Surprise, shit’s fucked up. Anyway, shout out to the chatroom! Oops, wrong show.

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