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TNO 14: Ben Affleck


Rod is joined by Karen, Sterling and Jaime to discuss black comicbook characters, Ben Affleck being cast as Batman, Eminem and Call of Duty, Miles Morales joins the 616, Mission Impossible 5, World War Z, Grand Theft Auto, Xbox one gold sharing, Killer Instinct, GPS blocking case, Gamestop price gouging, Xbox One adjust to over heating, Xbox season pass, Time Warner class action suit, Sony plans game discounts, Xbox One free 3rrd party title, Watch Dogs movie, Gran Turismo movie, MS CEO leaves, Shadow of the Eternals, Mad Max game, PS4 pre-orders might not meet launch date, Fable Legends Beta, Star Wars games, Rambo TV series announced, launch titles, Wal-Mart and Sleeping dogs.


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  1. O4Soldier

    Great show guys..On the issue of Ben Affleck being batman I never understood the disdain for him playing the iconic role.. Sure he was very mediocre at his first try a comic superhero but since then he has matured very well in his latest acting and directing roles

    Also, even though its not part of the Nerd Off, The Playing Dead by Movie Trailer Reviews is my shit.. I recently picked up the game on steam for the low just to see what choices I would make in the zombie apocalypse Shoutout Kriss, Kev , Phenom, and Rod for such an excellent entertaining additional show..

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