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TBGWT Fantasy Football 2013? (League full. Sign ups closed)

So I’ve been thinking. If we do another TBGWT fantasy league this year would people be down for that? We’d stop it at 12 teams and we’d have an entry fee of $30 per team. I wasn’t going to do a league this year because it’s more work than I want to deal with BUT I think some fans may get a kick out of this. I’m gonna open it up to everyone instead of just offering the same people from last year.

It’ll be first come first serve by which I mean you have to send your paypal payment in BEFORE you can get access to your team. Karen and I will play too but we’re not paying to play. The top 4 finishers pay out.

Is anyone interested in this? If we don’t get at least 10 teams I’ll refund all the money to the people who sent payments in.

The draft would happen on Wednesday night at 10 pm EST. Standard ESPN scoring except .5 PPR. If you’re game for this go to theblackguywhotips.com and donate $30 to the show and put “TBGWT Fantasy Football” in the comments and we’ll set it up.


  1. CanuckDuke


  2. Paulheels

    Just make a 30$ donation?

  3. Larion

    Loud. Wrong. I’m in. I need redemption already. I would have never traded Ray Rice and Calvin Johnson had I know we were keeping up to three. It was a last ditch effort to try salvage a season. I am in trouble in that other league lol

  4. rodimusprime

    No it’s not. It’s Thursday at 830.

  5. Jeremy

    Just a heads up: NFL season opener in 8pm Wednesday night.

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