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Rod is joined by Karen, Brandon and Jay to discuss GTAV, spree shooter related to video games, Hiroshi Yamauchi dies, Neilson ads mobile app ratings, secret IOS7 features, IOS7 vulnerability, keeps you Xbox One horizontal, Grand Theft Auto 5 makes a Billion in 3 days, Senator Franken doesn’t like thumbprint scanner on iPhone 5S, Blackberry loses a billion, homeless stood up waiting for iPhone 5S, video game book covers, Paypal beacon technology, Saul Goodman TV show, Djimon Hounsou, Star Wars spin off movies, Entourage, Ghost Recon movie, Robocop IMAX, Playstation App, Xbox One’s HDMI, PS4 getting kinect, streaming old games coming to PS in 2014, Shemar Moore wants to be Cyborg, Xbone, 3DS, Playstation holding back PS4′s, no American plans for PS Vita TV, Netflix looks at pirating sites, Bay apologizes for Armegeddon and Beverly Hills Cop 4.

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