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TNO 21: Xbox Day One


Rod is joined by Aaron (Ashy3Classy), Kev and Sterling to discuss A Wolf Among Us, Tales Of Vesperia, Arrow, Avatar Legend of Korra, The Last Of Us, you can still get an Xbox One, PS4 in Brazil, PS4 camera, Windows 8.1 RT, Netflix taking over HBO, Wonder Woman, Call of Duty gamers, robot breaks an ankle, Comic Con, Redbox Robber, Xbox fight, Borderlands booty, GTA$, more Marvel shows, Michael Bay assaulted, no real names on Xbox One, Coinstar Xbox, Black Friday, Agents of Shield gets full season, Ant-man, Pacific Rim 2, Terminator Reboot, Avatar sequel, Breaking bad idea.

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  1. O4Soldier

    Great show.. I don’t know if this is relevant or not, but I have a question for you Rod.
    What is your pick for Game of the year?

    Mine would go to the Last of us. GTA V would’ve gotten it but the story arc of the black characters in the last of us was just too good and also had some black fatherhood moments in it. Even though the two characters were brothers whom only had eachother in a tried and true zombie post apocalyptic world..

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