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580: We Were Slaves


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Rod and Karen are joined by Chris Lamberth of the Mundane Festival Podcast to discuss slavery movies, Kim and Kanye, Kanye, ogling women, Rachel Maddow, Boston Marathon Halloween costume, abortion fliers at Halloween, letters to fat kids on Halloween, no blacks at Halloween, no black Jesus at Halloween, clowning around on the train tracks, sex offender can’t help himself, gay demon, teacher on Facebook and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Princeleron

    Of course kids today know about slavery, they just not as hurt as older generations. I personally do not consider it that important. The real problem is that most places refuse to discuss the issues that these young black kids will face as they grow older. I would prefer that my nieces and nephews be aware of the future obstacles than possess astute knowledge of the past. Because we all know that these niglets ain’t smart enough to do both.

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