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581: Incognito Racism


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Rod and Karen are joined by J-L Cauvin to discuss movies, Eastbound and Down, Comedy Academy, Kanye West, Richie Incognito, Gay Rights Bill, Clifford Chance, Church’s Chicken, beating woman with clothing iron, pit bull attack, another teacher on Facebook, old lady runs credit card scheme and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Princeleron

    The way you use LeBron to make people mad is the exact same way I use Kimye. To troll black women, I made a statement that we know Kim and Michelle for the exact same reason. They are both known because of who they are having sex with. People went crazy. I never said that they were the same, I just brought up one parallel. To troll white people, I compare Kim to Princess Diana, and it hurts so much more malicious because they are way closer than people would like to admit.

  2. Erica from Cleveland aka matureyounglady

    Lmao at the old lady that was arrested for credit card fraud. I am surprised that I did not hear about this as I live in that area. The struggle is real!!! Especially for ol’ social security collecting muthf&$*ks.

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