We’re almost at the end of the year but that’s not stopping us from getting our “guest” on. In addition to new premium episodes we’ve been all over the place being on other people’s podcast. You can find all of the shows below by searching the name of the show on iTunes or clicking the links below.

Karen was on The Black Astronaut’s Ladies Launch Podcast “Scandal, Glitter and Fried Chicken”

Rod was on The Agents of Shieldcast Episode 10 “Repairs”

Karen was on Up For Discussion Podcast “Marriage Survival Kit For Women (Part 1)”

Rod was on the Look and Listen Podcast “Hip Hop 101”

Karen was on the Stays Krunchy In Milk Podcast “24 Karen Gold”

Rod was on the Dream Team Podcast “Sugushtis: Blood and Curl Activator”

Ya’ll see all those podcast appearances! Whew Lord… we are tired! See you guys next week.